Are Splitgate Servers Down Right Now? How To Check

Are Splitgate servers down again for maintenance? Here's how to check server status if your queue times are long & matchmaking won't work.

Splitgate is an online multiplayer game that you can play with friends or strangers. If you get issues while trying to join the game, you need to know how to check if Splitgate servers are down. Players may have to wait in a queue when they log in and matchmaking won’t work. Here’s all you need to know about it.

Are Splitgate Servers Down Today?

In case your internet connection is working properly but you are not able to enter matchmaking, check if other players are also facing the same issue. You can check online via social media or see if your friends you are playing with are able to join the game or not. You can also try doing a power cycle to ensure that the problem is not from your end and from server-side.

How to Check if Splitgate Servers are Down

How to Check if Splitgate Servers are Down (July 2021)

You can follow the developers on Twitter @Splitgate to know the server status. This is where they will post all the latest updates related to server down time, maintenance duration or other info. They regularly tweet about the times when they are upgrading their database and once things are stable, players will be able to join the gaming session.

Here’s the update from the devs on July 29, 2021.

This game has a small team and the sudden fame of a game can overload the servers which is understandable. The devs will keep fans updated with decisions such as keeping the servers offline for a certain period to ensure that matchmaking works properly and there is improved stability/capacity as well.

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In online games, especially indie ones, the popularity of the game is bound to cause server capacity issues. But with time, the servers get upgraded after which players are able to join the game easily. So if you ever wonder when will Splitgate Servers be up and online, simply head over to the social channel of the devs 1047.

So, that’s the answer to are Splitgate servers down and how to check if there are server issues. We’ve covered multiple Splitgate guides on Gamer Tweak that you can refer to for more tips and tricks.