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Splitgate Competitive Ranks: How Does Ranked System Work?

Know how does the Splitgate Competitive ranked system work, the points distribution and how to level up from Brass to the highest rank in this mode.

Splitgate is the multiplayer game which has caught the attention of a lot of FPS fans in the world. Rightly so, because it combines the best elements of Halo and Portal and creates a fast-paced environment for players to enjoy. If you are wondering how does Splitgate ranking system work and what are the competitive ranks that you can level up to, check out this ranks guide.


All Splitgate Competitive Ranks Explained

These are the Splitgate Competitive Mode rankings/levels currently (in order):

Splitgate Rank Points
Brass 0-999
Bronze 1 to 5 1000-1499
Silver 1 to 5 1500-1999
Gold 1 to 5 2000-2499
Platinum 1 to 5 2500 – 2999
Diamond 1 to 5 3000-3499
Master 1 to 5 3500-3999
Champion 4000+

Note that you have to reach level 15 to unlock ranked mode in Splitgate. Each rank, except Brass and Champion, has levels from 1 to 5. For example, Gold will be split into Gold 1, Gold 2 and so on.

You will get three ranked playlists – Ranked (4v4), Ranked Takedown (3v3) and Ranked (2v2). Ranked (4v4) is where you can try out Team Deathmatch, Domination and King of the Hill. In Ranked Takedown (3v3), players must eliminate everyone on the opposing team before they get a chance to respawn. And in Ranked (2v2), you can try out Team Deathmatch or King of the Hill. The 2v2 and 3v3 modes are played on Simulation maps.


Splitgate Ranked system and points

How to Rank Up in Splitgate

Make sure you focus on winning matches, when you lose, you will lose the points as well. Moreover, if you go through a long losing run, it will also affect your rank. It is based on the ELO system just like CSGO. But it’s not just about winning all matches. It depends on your team and own skills as well. If you are on a team that has lower chances of winning but you still end up with a win, you will get more points. If you carry your team very well but still face a loss, you will get points for that too.


As you can tell from the list above, you start off with Brass and then work your way up to Champion. Just like other games with a ranked mode, you will face off with opponents who are similar to your level.

So, when you start from the bottom, everyone else will be having the same experience but if you already have a good grip on multiplayer FPS games, you can rank up pretty quickly. Due to the game’s popularity, there’s a huge influx of players wanting to try out the unique concept of Splitgate. It has caused server overload and changed the queue times but when the game finally launches, the servers will be upgraded enough to handle the load.


That’s what you need to know to get started with Splitgate competitive ranked mode. When you play this mode, you get the chance to get XP and more.

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