How To Use Splitgate Sensitivity Converter

Here's how to use the online calculators to convert Valorant, Fortnite, CS:GO or COD to Splitgate Mouse Sensitivity.

If you are already neck-deep into the world of first person shooters and want to try out Splitgate due to its massive popularity, you may want to convert the sensitivity between the game you play and Splitgate. You could be playing Fortnite, Apex Legends, COD or CS:GO. No matter which game you play, this is how to convert your mouse sensitivity from that game to Splitgate.

How to Convert Valorant, Fortnite or CSGO to Splitgate Sensitivity

Splitgate is a fast-paced shooter where players make the most of portals which add a twist to the concept. Speed, accuracy and focus is everything in this game. This is why your mouse sensitivity needs to be as per your requirements because you need to win to rank up. Thankfully, you can use online calculators/converters to set your Splitgate sensitivity based on the other FPS game you play.

Many such converters are available online. Here’s the data you need to enter to convert the mouse sensitivity:

  • Convert from (the game you play)
  • Convert to: Splitgate
  • In-game Sensitivity: Input the sensitivity you use in the original game.
  • Field of View
  • Mouse DPI
Splitgate Sensitivity Converter Calculator
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Once you add all the necessary information, the Splitgate Mouse Sensitivity Converter will do the rest of the calculation. Don’t miss the advanced settings for a more accurate conversion. Once done, you can easily jump right into a game with the settings you want and show off your skills in Splitgate.

That’s all for this guide. Meanwhile, we’ve got lots of Splitgate guides that will help you rank up and win. Check out all out tips, tricks and strategies as well as guides on how to unlock skins, how to get a Portal Kill, all about the Pantheon Race and more. For everything else, stay with Gamer Tweak!