Splitgate Guns & Weapons Tier List (2023): Best Guns & Melees Ranked

Here's our Splitgate Weapons Tier List to pickup for best kills with both guns & melee weapons.

Our Splitgate Weapons Tier List ranks the best gun from best to worst. So if you are planning to change your playstyle or try out something different, then this tier list will be your best buddy. So let’s get started with this list, so you can find out which weapon to pick and fly out of a portal with guns blazing.

Splitgate Weapons Tier List 2023- Best Weapons to Use

Splitgate Weapon Tier List Best Gun Melee

Here are the best guns & melee weapons you can pick according to our Splitgate Guns and Weapons Tier List:

Tiers Splitgate Weapons
S Tier Rocket Launcher
S Tier BFB
A+ Tier Shotgun
A Tier Sniper Rifle
A Tier Battle Rifle
B Tier Railgun
B Tier Carbine
C Tier Assault Rifle
C Tier SMG
D Tier Plasma Rifle
D Tier Pistol

Rocket Launcher (S Tier)

Okay, let’s get started with the cons of this gun first. You only get 4 ammo. But that’s exactly how much you need to finish 4 of your opponents while one will be taken care of by any of your teammates. Rocket Launcher is the only weapon in the game that can kill with one shot even you don’t directly aim at the enemy body. Just shoot on the floor or walls right beside enemies to obliterate them to another dimension.

BFB (S Tier)

Many of you might be wondering “what’s a melee weapon doing in the S Tier?” But hear me out. A metal bat with long dashing range and single strike kill? Count me in. I’m all up for it. If you haven’t dared to complete a round with BFB, you are missing out on quite a lot of fun. Nothing else compares to running around with a metal baseball bat in Splitgate.

Shotgun (A+ Tier)

Okay take this being counted in A+ Tier with a pinch of salt. If you know how to smartly plant your portals and get really close to your enemies, then Shotgun is hands-down one of the best weapons you can pick in this game. ‘One shot one kill’ has never been so literally true in Splitgate without a shotgun.

Sniper Rifle (A Tier)

Another one shot kill weapon, but this one has the benefit of using it for long rang kills. The key is accuracy to deal headshot, else you are looking at just 65 damage to the enemy body parts. That said, instead of reloading, you may pull out your secondary gun to finish off your kill. But go for it if you are can do those precise headshots, it’s pretty to stack up combo kills with this one.

Battle Rifle (A Tier)

Many players would prefer Assault Rifle or carbine, but a Battle Rifle with ADS is a force to be reckoned with. It is so good that it has to be nerfed on different occasions like slightly decreased damage in v0.7.0, v0.7.2, and Reduced Zoom Distance v0.11.0. But with spawn time increased to 60 seconds from 75 seconds in Beta Version 0.1.2, makes it a good choice to aim for.

Railgun (B Tier)

Don’t get me started on the merits of this one. With just 1 sec of charge time and the ability to aim anywhere on the body and get a One-shot kill is a blessing for anyone who is new to the game. This will feel OP. And being able to pierce through multiple bodies is just another cherry on top over all of this goodness.

Carbine (B Tier)

Carbine is one of the default weapons players get in Splitgate. The Carbine, on the other hand, has moderate damage numbers and a slow attack speed. Although it doesn’t have the same burst as the Battle Rifle, it does have bullets that strike for 30 points in the body and 40 points in the brain.

Assault Rifle (C Tier)

This is one of the default weapons apart from Carbine you get in the game. But before playing your entire journey with this one weapon there is something you need to ask yourself. Are you capable of doing headshots in Splitgate? Then the Assault Rifle must be your gun to use. But if not, then you are better off going for something else mentioned above. It is well better than SMG as it has the best of both worlds with fully automatic rounds. This Bullpup-style rifle even has a scope when you aim down the sights. So no matter how new you are in FPS, you can get some good kill shots with this weapon.

SMG (C Tier)

Even though this is designed for close-range kills, it boosts the highest firing rate among all the weapons in Splitgate. It’s still feasible to use it in both mid and long-range combat if the duty calls for it. SMG, with its fire rate, has the capability to become a great weapon and it could be buffed in future updates. We would love to see something like that.

Plasma Rifle (D Tier)

I don’t know why this is even considered as a Rifle or why hailed by many. It doesn’t even have conventional rounds, instead, it uses projectiles (the other one being RL). Is it anywhere as good as Rocket Launcher? Oh not at all. The only map I find this useful is those with tight spaces like Atlantis. With a low TTK and a heat meter that fills up quickly, you are going to struggle while playing on open maps. Unless you are in close range or flying above someone through effectively placed portals, I recommend you skip on this one.

Pistol (D Tier)

At least the v0.10.0 update added zoom ability to Pistols, otherwise, I had no idea in which Tier to put this weapon at. A slow fire rate, accompanied by low damage is something I would live without. But if you don’t see any other weapons around you on a map, I guess you go for it then. This is just my view, sorry to any Pistol die-hard fans out there in Splitgate.

That’s all about the best guns & melee weapons you can pick in according to our Splitgate Weapons Tier List. Also make sure to check out our Splitgate Guides like How to check Splitgate queue times, how rank system works, & how to enter & redeem rewards using Splitgate Referral Code.