How To Get Oak Plank In Spiritfarer

Stuck in your adventure and don't know where to find Oak Planks in Spiritfarer? We will explain how to get it easily.

During your journey as the Spiritfarer, you will get requests for a lot of upgrades and creations on your boat. It will be your mission to gather the materials needed for that and fulfill those requests. During one such request, you will have to gather some Oak Planks. But how to Get Oak Planks in Spiritfarer? Are they readily available or do you have to make them? Know all about it in this quick guide.

Spiritfarer Oak Plank: How to Get it

The first thing you need to craft Oak Plank is an Oak Log. By using the Oak Log in the Sawmill, you can easily create Oak Plank for your other quests. Of course, the Sawmill needs to be already constructed on your boat for this to work. Once you have done that, Atul will teach you how to use it to make planks.

Now, where to find Oak logs that you need? Head over to an island named Gurenu Fields (X = -65, Y = 55) from your boat. When you get down on this island, you will see Oak trees that you can cut. Oak logs from these trees are exactly what you want and that will help you make Oak Plank in Spiritfarer. With that in hand, you will be able to construct buildings and more.

That’s pretty much how to create Oak Planks but there’s more such info in our Spiritfarer guides. Don’t miss our important tips to gather resources that will make your adventure a smooth sailing one. Read about how to get Linen Fabric easily, how to get Glass, lightning in a bottle, fat (oils),and meditation ability (time skip).

Truth be told, we are absolutely enjoying this slow and relaxing game based on such a unique theme. Its emotional aspect is gently woven with the crafting, building, harvesting, cooking, fishing and other activities, making it one of our choices of the best game of the year.