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How To Get Linen Fabric In Spiritfarer Easily

Here are the steps to make Linen Fabric in Spiritfarer. You have to make it to upgrade Kitchen to level 2.

Linen Fabric in Spiritfarer can be acquired through Gwen’s quest. It is important to remember that you won’t find Linen Fabric on its own – you have to make it from Linen Seeds first. There’s a certain process you have to follow to ensure that you get Linen Fabric and that’s exactly we will explain in this quick guide.

Spiritfarer Linen Fabric: How to Make it


Linen Fabric is required to upgrade various things like the Kitchen. A Kitchen upgrade will be requested by a Spirit. But for this to happen, you need the Loom upgrade. How do you do that? Well, you need to keep playing and fulfilling Gwen’s requests. During one such objective from Gwen, she will request you to take her to Villa Maggiore, which is her family home. If you don’t know where to go, simply head to the map. This location will be marked when the quest is updated. Select that location and go there on your boat.

Once you reach the house, enter it and walk up to the balcony area. You will meet a spirit over there and also a music box that Gwen wants. Pick that up but don’t forget the Loom Upgrade blueprint placed nearby. With those items, meet Gwen again and give her the music box. She will inform you that you can upgrade the the Loom on your boat now. Hurray! Now head back to the boat along with her.

Next, you have to go to the Blueprint table and choose ‘Improve’. The Loom Upgrade option needs 8 Bright Jelly, 10 Maple Plank, 18 Linen Thread and 120 Glims.


In order to make Linen Fabric, you have to go to the Upgraded Loom and put Linen Thread in it. You can obtain Linen Thread by putting Linen Fibre into the Loom and Linen Fibre by planting Linen Seed in the Field. That is how it goes from a Seed to a Fabric.


Those were the steps to make Linen Fabric in Spiritfarer. For more such useful tips and steps to do certain tasks, check out our Spiritfarer Guides.