How To Make Glass In Spiritfarer Easily

Want to know how to get Glass in Spiritfarer? You won't find it directly, you have to make Glass. This Spiritfarer guide shows the process.

As you might already know, Spiritfarer makes searching for resources extremely fun. Its soothing environment is much unlike other games where there is a need to look for materials frantically. There are many such essential resources that you need to upgrade, build and create items. Like Fat, Lightning in a Bottle and more, Glass is an important material that will help your journey in Spiritfarer. Now, since it is not an item that will be found randomly, you have to actually make it. But how to make Glass in Spiritfarer? Learn about it in this guide.

Spiritfarer Glass: How To Get Glass?

In order to get or make Glass in Spiritfarer, you require an empty bottle. You can purchase it if you want, but the easier ways are to find bottles from random islands and some crates. But if you really need it and don’t find one lying around, you can go ahead and purchase it from Francis’ roaming shop. Found an empty bottle already? Great, let’s head over to the second step of getting glass.


The Foundry is what you need and it’s a building that you can build on your boat. With the Foundry, you can turn an Empty Bottle into Glass. Plus, you also need Coal for the Foundry to fuel it up. When you have all the materials required, you can simply put the Empty Bottle into the Foundry and smelt it to form glass. That’s pretty much everything you have to do to get Glass in Spiritfarer.

Apart from Glass, you can make Ingots from Ores of Aluminium, Copper, Gold, Iron, Pulsar, Silver and Zinc. Additionally, you can make homemade glue from an old shoe as well.

Now that you know how to make Glass in Spiritfarer, go ahead and get all the ingredients. While you are here, be sure to check our other essential Spiritfarer resource guides on how to get Silk, Sheep, and more.