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How To Get Fat In Spiritfarer

In this guide, we will show you how to find Fat in Spiritfarer and the process needed to get it.

Spiritfarer has a wonderful crafting mechanic which makes you even more engrossed in the storyline. It encourages exploration in its own unique way. We have covered guides on finding various resources like Spirit Flowers, Tuna, Silk, Nebula Fibre and more. But one material that is very important is Fat in Spiritfarer. Players are curious to know how to get Fat since it is tough to figure out. But look no further because we will show you how to get it easily.

Spiritfarer Fat: Where to Find Fat?


As the game progresses, you will meet Bruce and Mickey. You have to fulfill their requests and move ahead in their quest line, as you do for other spirits. This pair will give you a Crusher building blueprint. The resources needed to build the Crusher are:

  • 15 Ash Planks
  • 7 Pulsar Ingots
  • 5 Zinc Ingots

So, you need to go ahead and build the Crusher once you have these materials. With it, you can crush items like veggies to create fats. You can even crush plants, seeds (like sunflower seeds) and olives to create oils (fats). Not all plants are edible but sunflower seeds and olives are guaranteed to give you what you need.


Once you create fat, you can use it to cook items. It will come in handy when a certain request from a Spirit involves cooking. Fried Chicken is a prominent food item that is requested by a Spirit which needs fats.

We hope this answers your question of how to get Fat in Spiritfarer. Stay with Gamer Tweak and find out how to get more useful resources as we keep updating our Spiritfarer Guides section. Meanwhile, don’t miss our other essential guides like how to get bounce ability, how to meditate, and how to find all recipes in the game.