How To Get Spirit Flowers In Spiritfarer

If you are wondering how to get a Spirit Flower in Spiritfarer, this guide will explain the process to you.

Upgrading is an essential part of your journey in Spiritfarer and for that you have to explore different places, gather resources and more. You will also need certain items or materials to get abilities like the Bounce ability. The specific resource I am talking about is the Spirit Flower. Many are curious to know how to get Spirit Flowers in Spiritfarer but look no further, because I will show you where to find it right here.

How to Get Spirit Flowers in Spiritfarere

To put it simply, you will get a Spirit Flower when you complete a spirit’s questline. Hence, when you send them through the Everdoor, you will receive a Spirit Flower.

It is a long process because it involves everything from meeting them to completing their tasks and then finally fulfilling their final request. During this process, you will learn a lot about their life, likes and dislikes.

So, your mission should be to complete every request of a spirit and release them into their afterlife. When you come back to the boat after that, you will be able to get the Flower in the their house on the bed.

Once you have the Spirit Flower in Spiritfarer, you can upgrade your boat by visiting Albert’s Shipyard. Fulfill the requirements for the boat upgrade and then go ahead with your purchase.

You will first need it during your upgrade to Icebreaker and then for the Rock Destroyer and Mist Cleaner in terms of Boat upgrades.

When you improve to Icebreaker, you can break ice and explore areas that it was blocking before. It’s the same for Rock Destroyer, but as the name indicates, it will break rocks.

That’s how to get Spirit Flowers in Spiritfarer. To know more such useful tips and hints, make sure to head over to our Spiritfarer guides section on GamerTweak!