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How To Get Bounce Ability In Spiritfarer

Here's how to unlock and get the Bounce ability in Spiritfarer.

Spiritfarer is slowly but steadily becoming more and more popular due to its overall uniqueness. The concept will strike a chord with anyone who plays this game but it would be wrong to put it in a box of a particular genre. To be honest, it is much more than a management game. It has a mix of everything including fishing, cooking and most importantly exploring. Speaking of exploring, you will require certain abilities that will help you explore better. So, here’s how to get Bounce Ability in Spiritfarer easily.

Spiritfarer Bounce Ability: How to Unlock it

There are certain conditions to unlock the Bounce Ability in Spiritfarer and that is to have minimum two Obols with you and to upgrade your boat. The boat has to be Rock Destroyer and here are all the materials you need to get this fourth boat upgrade.

  • 10 Aluminium Ingot
  • 8 Marble
  • 6 Fireglow
  • 2 Spirit Flower
  • 1700 Glims

In order to get all of these items, you need to put on your exploration hat and look for them in various islands, ships etc. Once you have gathered them, go to Albert’s Shipyard and go to the Ship Improvements tab to upgrade your boat. Now the only step left is to visit Oxbury (233 x, 18y), where you will see the Bounce ability shrine.


With the Bounce Ability in Spiritfarer, you can bounce off surfaces and if you press a certain button just when the character is about to bounce, you can jump higher. That’s Space on PC, X on PS4, A on Xbox One and B on Switch. Due to this ability, you can gain access to platforms that are higher up which will prove to be very useful. The perfect timing will need some practice though but soon you will be able to do it effortlessly.

That’s how to get Bounce ability in Spiritfarer. It’s quite an engrossing game and while playing it, you will come across a requirement for a lot of resources but finding them can be tricky. That’s why we have covered quite a few important Spiritfarer guides for you like how to Fish, Tuna, Silk, Nebula Fibre, Sheep and more. Plus, don’t miss our list of all Spiritfarer recipes!