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How To Get Sheep Quickly In Spiritfarer

If you are struggling to find Sheep in Spiritfarer, then here is a guide with its exact location. You will need the sheep for wool.

Finding sheep in Spiritfarer is confusing that you think it would be. Sheep cannot be found easily but there’s a way where you can make them appear more often. Find out how to find sheep in Spiritfarer

How To Find Sheep In Spiritfarer


Spiritfarer is a heart-touching game that will pull on all the emotional strings inside of you, even if you build a Sheep Corral in the game there’s no guarantee that you will end up finding sheep and for that, you will need to do a few more things.

First of all, it depends on where you look at for the sheep to find them, this is where a lot of players go wrong in the game. To find sheep, you will need to go to Mount Toroyama. This place is to the west from where our adventure begins in Spiritfarer.

Here you will need to find a Lost Spirit, upon talking to the spirit you will learn that the sheep on this island have escaped and now you’re tasked with finding and collecting them back at the Sheep Corral.


To make the sheep follow you, feed them popcorn and they will follow wherever you go, take them back to the Sheep Corral, but finding only one won’t be enough and you will need to find one more sheep, feed it and bring it back to both of them can have a friend.

Once you bring back the sheep to Mount Toroyama and complete the mission, you can take the sheep back to your ship and shear them for wool in Spiritfarer if you need it.

This is all there is to know about how to find sheep in Spiritfarer, make sure to check out all the recipes in Spiritfarer as well.


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