How To Meditate In Spiritfarer

Learn how to unlock the meditation ability from an NPC in this How to Meditate in Spiritfarer guide. Find out how to use it in the game too.

Spiritfarer is a cozy and relaxing game that has an emotional aspect to it. So it only makes sense to have an activity that is inherently relaxing and that’s meditation. Yes, you can meditate in Spiritfarer but you have to unlock it before you can use it. If you are curious to know how to unlock meditation ability, here are all the steps you have to follow.

Spiritfarer: How to Meditate Easily

The first thing you need to do to unlock the meditation ability is to find a snake that is named Summer. She wears a hooded green coat adorned by a flower belt. Now, you have to continue her questline by fulfilling her requests. Soon, you will get a task where Summer requests you to find a meditation area. Once you do that, she will tell you how to meditate. That is basically how you will get this ability.

Now, how to find the perfect meditation spot for Summer? Well, it has to be a calm and serene location. Make sure to visit the place where she wants to find a spot, and then move ahead until you get one Summer is happy with. Next, she will teach you how to meditate and to do that you need to go ahead and press the following buttons based on your platform:

  • Square on PS4
  • X on Xbox One
  • Y on Switch

You can do this activity in soothing places like those surrounded with trees or a rock. When you come across such locations, you will be able to meditate easily.

When should you meditate in Spiritfarer?

Wondering how to use meditation in this game? Well, apart from being an activity that helps your character chill, you can easily and quickly pass time with it. This will come in handy when you need a different time to complete a certain objective or to make time pass faster. For some specific quests, meditation can help you pass time from day to night or vice versa. Moreover, you can build a meditation room for Summer on your boat using the Blueprint table. Of course, you will need the necessary materials for it.

Spiritfarer is all about finding peace before your spirits move into the afterlife through the Everdoor, so the existence of this ability really gives the game more depth. Even though it is not a mechanic that makes a huge difference in the game, it still adds good detail to it.

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