Easiest Way To Get Lightning In A Bottle In Spiritfarer

How to get Lightning in a Bottle in Spiritfarer. Learn how to get this crafting material from sparks and how to acquire empty bottles easily.

There are a lot of materials you need to gather in order to craft various items throughout the game. Lightning in a Bottle in Spiritfarer is one of them which is crucial in the second half of the game. Unfortunately, being a rare resource, you can’t just directly get or buy it from a particular location but there’s a certain process you need to follow. If you want to know how to obtain it, here’s a quick guide for that.

How do you get Lightning in a Bottle in Spiritfarer

To get Lightning in a Bottle, you need to get your hands on a bottle first. So, you need to have an empty bottle in your inventory. It is not hard to get it and you might have already discovered it during the game. You can find it lying around on islands, purchase it or you can even get it from fishing. Make sure to grab every empty bottle you spot.

Now, go to the map that you can access on your boat and look for an area where there’s a thunderstorm. It indicated with lightning on the map so it’s not hard to spot. A pop up will show you that it’s a thunderstorm so that’s where you need to visit with your boat.

Once you are in the area, the weather will understandably change and it will get dark and rainy. Atul, the Frog passenger, will come out and when you talk to him, you will initiate a lightning minigame. How to play it? You need to notice the spots were sparks appear on the platforms. You have to hold an empty bottle and run towards those sparks quickly. Stand on them and then lightning will strike there. That’s basically how to get Lightning in a Bottle in Spiritfarer.

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