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Sony “India Only” PSN Gift Cards Are Now Available on GamesTheShop

Starting at 500INR, gamers in India can purchase PSN Gift Cards Upto 4500INR to buy their favorite games.

PSN India Only Gift Cards, that can be used to buy games from or to fund PSN Wallet is now available on GamesTheShop.com. Starting at a  base price of Rs.500/- gamers can fill up their wallet up to Rs.5,800/- on the go.  A full list of all available cards is provided at the end of this news article.

Sony PSN Gift Cards



PSN Gift Cards are a convenient way to buy games from the PlayStation store. You can buy these cards and fund your wallet for any present or future purchase. Any balance left can be utilized later on. In a similar way, you can gift PSN Cards to your friends.

  • INR 500
  • INR 1000
  • INR 1200
  • INR 1500
  • INR 2000
  • INR 2300
  • INR 2500
  • INR 3000
  • INR 3500
  • INR 4000
  • INR 4500
  • INR 5000
  • INR 5800

Gift cards are marked as “India Only”, they are not usable outside India. If you are gifting it to a friend try to buy the one that can be globally used for buying games. On buying a 12-digit code is sent to your Email-ID registered on PSN Store. You can use this code at the time of checkout or use it to load funds into the wallet. That can be applied inside on purchase. Each Gift Card carries a 12-Months expiry date. Do check the How To Redeem section before buying the card to get more details on validity.