Should I Buy A New Ship Or Upgrade The Frontier In Starfield?

Should you upgrade the Frontier with new parts or buy yourself a new ship? Here is a guide with everything you need to know before.

While traveling around on different systems with the Frontier at the beginning of Starfield, one might wonder if it’s really necessary to buy another new ship in the game. Players can easily modify and upgrade the Frontier with new parts such as Shielded Cargo Hold, Shields, Weapons, etc. There are a variety of customization options available that you can purchase from different Ship Vendors located around different systems. Although purchasing an entirely new ship will cost you a fortune, there are many factors to consider in such decisions. So to make things easy for you, this guide will help you with clear suggestions and why exactly should you follow that in Starfield.

Should You Buy a New Ship in Starfield?

should i buy new ship in starfield

Simply put, yes, we would recommend you purchase a new shop as soon as you have enough credits at your disposal in Starfield. Upgrading the Frontier with new parts every time will only get you so far while traveling around the systems available to travel. The Frontier has some decent stats which will help you get through the start of the campaign. Although you will need an upgrade to carry out your journey in the space. We would recommend you buy early and small ships with more than enough stats to get you through travel and combat in Starfield. Not to mention, completing some missions will grant you free ships which would be better upgrades to Frontier.

If you are looking for an early ship with easy unlock potential, then Razorleaf is the one you should go for in Starfield. Other best options available for purchase would be the Rambler or the Achilles. You can also get the Star Eagle one of the finest ships by completing Freestar Ranger Questline. All and all it would be important to upgrade from the Frontier to exploit everything out of your adventure.

A new ship will give you an advance in the offensive and defensive capabilities. Not to mention you will have an even longer LY Jump range with a proper ship. As the campaign progresses, we would recommend that you upgrade the ship. When you have enough credits get your hands on the B and C Class ones. However, to pilot them, you will need to upgrade your Piloting skill accordingly in Starfield.

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