How To Get Sanguine Art Fighting Style In Blox Fruits

Want to get the Sanguine Art Fighting Style in Blox Fruits? Here is how to unlock it.

There are many fighting styles in the Blox Fruits, from the First Sea to the Third Sea. By combining fruit abilities, weapons, accessories, and styles, we create different builds for all races. Sanguine Art is one of the most difficult-to-obtain fighting styles of the game, suited best with Rengoku, Soul Guitar, Ghoul Mask, and the Ghoul Race.

It is a vampiric and dark style that allows the player to heal while damaging the enemy. If you haven’t obtained it yet, then you are in the right place. Here we have given the location of the NPC that teaches you this and what it wants in exchange.

How to Unlock Sanguine Art in Blox Fruits

Unlock Sanguine Art in Blox Fruits
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The Sanguine Art Fighting Style is learned from an NPC Shafi of the Tiki Outpost (Third Sea). You will find this trainer on the right side of the island, within an underground passage. Find the metal bars around the building, as that is the entrance to the passage. Once you have found the Shafi, you need these items to learn the style:

  • 1 Leviathan Heart
  • 2 Dark Fragments
  • 20 Demonic Wisps
  • 20 Vampire Fangs
  • 5,000 Fragments
  • $5,000,000

Once you have collected all the materials, talk to the NPC a few times to unlock the fighting style. If you don’t possess the Leviathan Heart, then the trainer will say that you lack a cold heart, and dialogue won’t proceed.

How to Collect Materials for Sanguine Art in Blox Fruits

  • Leviathan Heart: You get Leviathan Heart from the Leviathan boss of the Frozen Dimension. Defeating this monster is quite difficult, but so is transporting the heart. You need to get a Beast Hunter Boat to take it out of the dimension.
  • Dark Fragments: Dark Fragments are obtained from the level 1000 Raid Boss Darkbeard. You will find the Darkbeard in the Dark Arena (Second Sea).
  • Demonic Wisps: This is a rare material dropped by the level 2025 Demonic Soul. You will find this NPC in the Haunted Castle (Third Sea).
  • Vampire Fangs: Vampire Fangs are an uncommon material dropped by the Vampires of Graveyard (Second Sea).

All Moves of Sanguine Art Fighting Style

  • Goreslash Combo: Performs a few slashes on the enemy in front.
  • Bloodbane Drain (125 Mastery): Grabs the opponent by the neck and unleashes small creatures that deal damage while healing you.
  • Scarlet Tear (250 Mastery): Releases six simultaneous slashes, damaging the enemy at a certain distance.
  • Devourer of Worlds (350 Mastery): Five dark red balls will surround the opponent and then attack them.

That’s all on how to get Sanguine Art in Blox Fruits. If you found this guide useful and interesting, you should check out our Blox Fruits section to find more abilities like this.