How To Craft Beast Hunter Boat In Blox Fruits

Need a boat with a harpoon? Get the legendary Beast Hunter in Blox Fruits.

The legendary Beast Hunter Boat in Blox Fruits plays a crucial role in the process of obtaining the Sanguine Art fighting style. One of the key ingredients of the style is the Leviathan Heart, which we get from defeating the Leviathan. Beating it is pretty tough, but dealing with the temperature and bringing back the huge heart is a challenge in itself too.

The Beast Hunter is the best boat you can take on this journey. It has a harpoon, which will let you transport the heart. The boat restores its health when players start fighting with the boss. Additionally, it doesn’t take damage from the Leviathan.

How to Get a Harpoon Beast Hunter Boat in Blox Fruits

Craft Beast Hunter Boat In Blox Fruits
Image Credit: Melllux on YouTube

The Beast Hunter Boat is crafted by the Beast Hunter NPC. You will find this NPC in the Tiki Outpost (Third Sea), and you need these ingredients to get the boat:

  • 20 Leviathan Scales
  • 6 Electric Wings
  • 2 Mutant Teeth
  • 30 Fool’s Golds
  • 6 Shark Teeth

Once you have crafted the boat, go to the Luxury Boat Dealer. Scroll through the list and spawn the ship for $5000.

How to Get Materials for the Beast Hunter Boat

  • Leviathan Scales: This is a legendary material that is dropped by the Leviathan. It is the Raid Boss of Frozen Dimension, which appears in Sea Danger level 6. To know how you can summon it, talk to the Spy NPC found at the top of the large building at Tiki Outpost.
  • Electric Wings: These are rare materials dropped by the Piranha. Piranha will appear during Sea Events in Sea Danger levels 1-6.
  • Mutant Teeth: Level 2000 Raid Boss Terrorshark drops this rare material. It appears between Sea Danger levels 2-6. The boss becomes stronger with the danger level, so it is not recommended to go beyond 5.
  • Fool’s Golds: Fool’s Golds is an uncommon material dropped in the Haunted Ship Raid and randomly in the chest.
  • Shark Teeth: The Shark drops this uncommon material. They randomly spawn between Sea Danger levels 0-6.

Apart from crafting Beast Hunter Boat in Blox Fruits, the NPC also makes Leviathan Shield (Mythical) and Leviathan Crown (Legendary). If you are looking to collect materials for those, you should check out our Blox Fruits section.