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How To Become Ghoul In Blox Fruits

Here's how you can become a Ghoul in Blox Fruits.

Ghoul and Cyborg are the two races that aren’t obtainable in the game while joining as the new player. Ghoul Players have slightly higher Hp regeneration. They are distinguishable by their horns which other players lack. To become a Ghoul in Blox Fruits you need to follow a few simple steps mentioned in this guide.


How to become Ghoul in Blox Fruits?

become Ghoul in Roblox Blox Fruits

  • Unlike other races, Ghoul isn’t obtainable through Race Reroll. You have to complete a Quest to become a Ghoul.
  • You first need to reach level 1000.
  • Then collect 100 Ectoplasm. Ectoplasm is randomly dropped by the NPCs found in the Cursed Ship and also by the Cursed Captain.
  • Defeat Cursed Captain to obtain Hellfire Torch which has a 2% chance of dropping by Cursed Captain. Hence, you might have to defeat Cursed Captain several times to obtain Hellfire Torch.
  • Once you get Hellfire Torch meet Experimic an NPC found in Cursed Ship.
  • Give him Hellfire Torch he will sell you a Ghoul race for 100 Ectoplasm.
  • Once you get the Ghoul race you can change your race and again become Ghoul without paying anything. Also, all the versions of the Ghouls stay with the race if evolved.

How to Awaken Ghoul?

  • V1 is the first version awakened when you change into Ghoul for the first time. V1 Ghoul has slightly higher hp regeneration than other races.
  • V2 is awakened after completing the Alchemist quest. Unlocking V2 enables Life Leech ability. Life Leech helps the player to heal, every time they hit a player or NPCs.
  • V3 is awakened after completing Arowe’s quest. Unlocking V3 allows players to use skills that are still on 40% cooldown and also, increases overall damage and speed by 10% and defense by 15%
  • V4 is awakened after completing the V4 Race Awakening Puzzle. V4 abilities are unknown currently.

That’s all you need to know about how to become a Ghoul in Blox Fruits. Also, check out our Roblox guide for all Roblox games.