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Best RimWorld Mods (2023) – Download And Install Now!

Find out which are the best mods to install and use in the game.

Rimworld is one of the best RPGs that you can enjoy, and even more so now with some mods. These mods will help enhance your gameplay experience quite a bit. All of this will also add in additional gameplay features that you won’t get in the regular game. So, scroll down and find out which are the best mods that you can use and install.


Best RimWorld Mods 2023

Best RimWorld Mods To Install And Use

Mentioned below is a list of the 10 best mods that you can use in the game. All of these mods are available on the Steam Workshop. These are all the best ones that we could find in the game. Some of them are funny too. So, scroll down and have a look at the best mods to use.


Factional War

Factional War is a large mod that has been made by Shadowrabbit. As part of this mod you will get four new raid events in the game. These raids are much larger in size than any of the other raids the game already has.

You will also get something known as Faction Assault which will start a huge war on your map. In Faction Bombardment you will see two factions fight each other. Another mode known as Faction Contention will give you the chance to get rare resources from the map. The very last mode, Faction Defense, will make you a target for a huge wave of soldiers in the game.


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Best Rimworld Mods: Grim Reality

Out in Grim Reality you will be sent out to new colonies in the game. Here you will see that even though the colonists are fighting for survival, their moods and opinions will change quite drastically.


This mod tries to mimic the real world by making all the subjects and people plain mean. And it does succeed at it quite well too. However, the most obvious drawback to this is that everyone is unhappy in the game. Who said games aren’t real enough?

Wall Light

Possibly one of the best and funniest mod that you can ever get in the game. It is also one that doesn’t do much in the game. And, you might have rightfully guessed what it stands for.

Yes, you can now finally add in wall-mounted lights to your house in the game. Plus, you will be able to make the lights give out different colors. This can be done by changing the amount of steel you use in crafting the light. What a bright idea!

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Best Rimworld Mods: Dubs Bad Hygiene

TOILETS! Yes, toilets! You will now be able to visit the washroom in the game. It is quite an important of your daily routine as good bowel movements indicate good health.

With this mod added in, you will be able to play around with the sewage and plumbing infrastructure. If all the poop talk is getting stinky for you, there is also an option for water irrigation systems and cental heating. Your colonists do need to stay warm and fuzzy, don’t they?


RimHUD is a mod for all the tech-savvy people who play the game. With this mod you will get an even more expansive and detailed HUD. This in turn will let you know more about your colonists in detail.

You will also be able to resize the screen so that you can see the gameplay correctly. This is one of the best mods to have as it will accurately tell you about your colonists and their health.

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Best Rimworld Mods: Hospitality

Hospitality is one of the most expansive mods that you can add in to the game. With this mod enabled you will be able to build entire futuristic colonies with ease. The mod will also allow you to have better interactions with the rival clans. Also, you can flirt with members from other clans. Why? Well, you just can. We don’t make the rules.

This mod really takes the entire RimWorld experience to a whole new level. It builds on the base of RimWorld’s mechanics and completely puts the game on its head. A must have.

Vanilla Expanded

Vanilla Expanded is one of the largest mods ever in RimWorld. It is infact a combination of various different mods in the game that completely changes your gameplay experience. All these mods bring in new interactive features to your entire gameplay experience.

These include new texture mods, increased furniture inventory, more armor and weapon options, larger amount of animals and a whole lot more. The best part about this mod is that, since all the tiny mods are made by the same devs, they work together seamlessly.

Best Rimworld Mods: Expanded Prosthetics and Organ Engineering

Want to bio-engineer and build your own superhuman? Why not mod your entire character in the game. Expanded Prosthetics and Organ Engineering allows you to do just that as it lets you become the best surgeon this side of the earth. Or a worse one.

You will be able to make and develop new organs on the go too. This is because your colonists randomly will require organ transplants. How and why you ask? We don’t know. That’s just how the game works. So, become a shady surgeon and let your dreams run wild with this mod!

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Your colonists need to have all the bells and whistles don’t they? Or how can you call yourself a futuristic extraterrestrial planet base. So, why not spoil them more by getting them a brand new fridge. Yes, you heard that right, a fridge.

So, what is such a big deal about this mod you ask? Well, not a lot. It is just a fridge. Someone needs to keep the beer chilled and away from the aliens. You wouldn’t want an alien to be out here having a swig of your special brew now, do you? It also negates the need to build a cold storage room. Why would you want such a primitive thing on your base in the first place?

Best Rimworld Mods: A RimWorld Of Magic

A RimWorld of Magic is a mod that has the capability of completely changing your gameplay experience. With this mod added in you will now be able to experience 12 magic classes and six fighter classes.

Each of these will have their own abilities and developmental trees that will help you make your own builds in the game. On top of this you even get some new apparel and weapon options that you can have a look at. Having this mod makes the gameplay a breeze and will see you sail through.

This is everything that you will need to know about all the best Mods that you can use in RimWorld. While you are here you can also have a look at the best Monster Hunter Rise mods. If Final Fantasy XV is your favorite you can have a look at the best Add-Ons and Mods to use.

If you want to look for your favorite game’s mods, have a look at our interlinked Mods section for the same.