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Wildermyth Mods: 10 Best Mods You Can Use

The best Wildermyth Mods to use for Legendary Edition Weapons, Customization options, new hairstyles as well as for New Events.

Wildermyth is a game that is built for Mods. The game even allows you to build and make your own mods for the game. This gives players a completely unique playing experience in the game. Apparently, the game has been developed with the intention of allowing mods. So, let’s dive into this guide about some of the best modding extras for this game.

10 Best Wildermyth Mods to Use

Wildermyth Mods: The Best Mods To Use

Full Moon: Nexus Mods 

This mod adds 5 new abilities. This will allow heroes with the Elmsoul, Flamesoul, Wolftouhed, Crowtouched, and Crystalline transformations to instantly and completely progress their transformations in battle. While using this mod you can also change back either at will or at the end of combat.

This mod technically adds just the Waxingsoul ability, which itself has 5 different abilities. Using Waxingsoul will also apply a small debuff for every combat turn that you stay transformed for.

Hair Customization Mod by Pauly D

Pauly D is a famous Wildermyth Mods maker. One of his well-known mods is the hair customization mod. This gives your character some much-needed personality in the form of 6 new hairstyles in the game.

Don Thy Helmet Mod

This is another Mod by Pauly D. With this mod you can add on a helmet to your character. You also get to choose between 15 different helmets in the game. Some of these are even customizable in the form of changing their color. And who wouldn’t want to look like a Roman charging into battle?

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Legendary Weapons Mod

Legendary Weapons is a handy mod to add if you are done with the game. With this mod, you can add different quests into your pre-existing campaigns. This will also allow you to find and get rare Legendary weapons in the game as you complete the side quests. You will also be able to defeat a ghost and take over all the treasure, because why not?

Town Market Wildermyth Mods

This mod will allow you to trade between all your resources in the game. These resources include fabric, heartwood, hides, ingots, and spellthread. You will now be able to access a market area that is identified by a blue banner. Once you get there you will be able to trade your resources at a fixed 2:1 rate.

Love is in the Air Mod

You will now be able to live out your romantic fantasies in the game with this mod. Additions include 8 new romantic encounters that all focus on different stages of the encounter. The best part about this mod is the fact that it seamlessly fits into the original storyline. Nothing will feel out of place or stick out like a sore thumb.

Faces of Wildermyth Mods

Another mod that focuses on character customization. This mod brings forth a ton of customization options that help your character stand out.

  • You can now combine Alternate Eyes, Elf Ears, and some new additions.
  • There will now be Four new Categories in customization
    • Eyes
    • Ears
    • Ancestry
    • Mouth
  • The Mouths form expressions and can be used with any face combination.
  • 11 new Eyes
  • 7 new Pairs of Ears (3 Elvish, 2 Cat-like, 1 Amphibian, and 1 Winged)
  • 2 new Noses (Cat-like)
  • There are 2 new Sets of Horns
  • 2 new Sets of Mouths (Vampire/Sharp)

Expanded Armors 1.0 Mod

This mod does exactly what it says on the title. It adds on a larger number of armor sets for your character in the game. You now get five different armors per class, along with three tiers per armor. There are also some stat buffs to all the new armor sets. Smoker, the user who has made the mod, has listed all the details about the new armors which you can find in the interlinked article.

Expanded Weapons 1.0 Mod

Another mod by Smoker with a focus on expanding the in-game inventory. Now, you will be able to choose between an even larger number of weapons in the game. This mod includes some new weapons, dual-wield weapons, and stunt effects. Smoker has also upgraded the previous weapon inventory to add in stat buffs and more boosts to the weapons.

  • Daggers
  • Rapiers
  • Swords
  • Axes
  • Hand-crossbows
  • Longbows
  • Crossbows
  • Flails
  • 2 hand flails

These are some of the new weapons that have been added.

Expanded Humans 1.0 Wildermyth Mods

With this mod, you get new physical and mental attributes that completely transform the characters. There are also 10 opposite attributes and you can choose to have between 0 and 5 attributes, which makes for 243 different possibilities. This in turn will also ensure that every character is completely unique and not similar to the other.

Click on the interlinked article above to read all about the new stat buffs and mental attributes that have been added.

This is everything you need to know about the 10 best Wildermyth Mods that you should use. Now that you are here you should also have a look at how to heal your character in Wildermyth.