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Monster Hunter Rise – Best Mods You Can Use In 2023

Here are some of the best Mods for Monster Hunter Rise that will elevate your gaming experience.

In most games, Mods enhance the look and feel as well as its Gameplay. As more and more Mods are made, the player base will want to try them out. Here I am going to tell you a few of the Best Monster Hunter Rise Mods. Some of these Mods will change your game drastically like your in-game graphics. Others will add new Armor and Items that you won’t even get in the Vanilla game. Although it will elevate your gaming experience, most games don’t support modding so do this at your own risk.

Best Monster Hunter Rise Mods (2023)

Magnamalo Sinister Dual Blades

magnamalo sinister dual blades

First on the list is the Magnamalo Sinister Dual Blades. You can get the mod from Nexus Mods. This mod replaces the Dual Blades of Yian Garuga for the new Magnamalo Sinister Dual Blades. It also includes files for the Special Odogaron Female Armor Dye. Once you download the files, you can acquire them from the Blacksmith. This is an Epic Weapon Mod which you must check out.

Cheats for Monster Hunter Rise for Ryujinx

cheats for monster hunter rise demo for ryujinx

This cheat includes a lot of stuff like Mission Timer Control, Time of Day Modifier, Infinite Health and Stamina, Infinite Items and Ammunition, 1 Hit Kills, and Control Coordinates. The only prerequisite is to have a Cheat Engine. This Mod will make you a God. This is good if you want to showcase a certain Monster. This Mod is available on Gamebanana.

Custom Outfit for the Female Hunter

custom outfit for the female hunter

This mod will let change outfits for the Female Hunter in Monster Hunter Rise. All be it the base clothing. This Mod is also available on Gamebanana. Don’t worry, this mod is not NFSW so it is fine to use.

These were some of the Mods I recommend you to use. As I have said, unsupported Mods will get banned and get you banned as well so do this at your own risk. This was all bout the Best Mods for Monster Hunter Rise. Hopefully, this helped you in your quests, now go and sly the Magnamalo Sinister. You can also check out our guides on Crimson Glow Valstrax and Allmother Narwa.