Monster Hunter Rise Weapons Tier List (October 2023)

Find the best weapons in Monster Hunter (MH) Rise with this tier list.

If you’re struggling to choose the best weapons in Monster Hunter (MH) Rise, we’ve got you covered with this tier list. This list features top weapons from the game on the basis of their power and the ability to cause damage to opponents.

Monster Hunter (MH) Rise Weapon Tier List (October 2023)

weapons tier list monster hunter rise

Check out the most powerful weapons in Monster Hunter (MH) Rise. The weapons have been ranked from tier S to tier D, with tier S featuring the best weapons.

Tier S

  • Switch Axe – The Switch Axe is a dual-form weapon, meaning you can easily switch between the giant axe and sword. Both these weapons can deal significant damage to opponents. The Zero Sum Discharge feature of the Switch Axe is one of the most powerful in the game.
  • Hunting Horn – The Hunting Horn is a great weapon for both co-op as well as solo players of Monster Hunter Rise. It is a very helpful weapon that can deal heavy damage on opponents when used. The weapon has also been improved over time, making it a very good choice for gamers.
  • Long Sword – The Long Sword is a weapon that is powered with great range ability. As a player, you need to practice to master this weapon perfectly. Once mastered, this weapon can help you slay monsters with the flair of a samurai.

Tier A

  • Heavy Bowgun – The Heavy Bowgun is a powerful weapon that can deal heavy damage, especially when using powerful ammo on specific monsters. With some practice, you can use this weapon with efficiency and eliminate monsters. This weapon needs a steady supply of ammunition to work perfectly.
  • Light Bowgun – As the name suggests, this weapon is a lighter version of the Heavy Bowgun. The light weight helps increase mobility, enabling you to make faster, smoother moves while fighting monsters.
  • Great Sword – The Great Sword is one of the most popular weapons in Monster Hunter Rise. Despite being on the slightly slower side during combat, this weapon can deal immense damage when wielded. It is also a versatile weapon and can be used during aerial attacks.
  • Charge Blade – Just like the Switch Sword, the Charge Blade too offers the ability to switch between weapons. These two weapons are the basic sword which eventually transforms into a giant battle axe. You can enable the switch once the basic sword fills a meter. While the charge blade relatively difficult to master when compared to the switch blade, it deals heavy damage when used.

Tier B

  • Insect Gaive – The Insect Gaive is one of the most versatile weapons in Monster Hunter Rise. With this weapon, you can pull off Jumping Advance Slash moves with Vaulting Dances in the air. Despite not having the damage potential as some of the other weapons in this list, the Insect Gaive is still a very potent weapon.
  • Gunlance – While the Gunlance is not the most versatile weapon in this list, it can deal an immense amount of damage when unleashed. This weapon has powerful combo moves, with the Wyvern’s Fire being one of the most powerful attack moves in Monster Hunter Rise. To master this weapon perfectly, you will need some practice.
  • Hammer – The Hammer is a heavy weapon that deals great damage when used properly. As a player, you will have to perfect your accuracy skills to make this weapon work. Also, charging the hammer can drain your stamina.

Tier C Monster Hunter Rise Weapons

  • Sword and Shield – This weapon can be a little inconvenient to use as you need to remember all of its combos. By doing so, you can deal heavy damage. One of the most powerful moves with this weapon is the Windmill Silkbind.
  • Lance – The Lance is not the most versatile weapon in this list. You will probably be better off using another weapon especially against faster monsters. It is however, an easy weapon to use. You can master it easily and use it to stab and poke at monsters.
  • Dual Blades – Dual Blades are weapons that are quick during attacking moves. However, individual moves with this weapon are weak. These weapons offer the best damage especially during times when the Demon or Archdemon modes are in effect.

Tier D Monster Hunter Rise Weapons

  • Bow – The Bow makes its way into the lowest tier of this list because of its limited scope in Monster Hunter Rise. The presence of Bowguns in the game means that there isn’t any real use for bows in the game. However, the bow is available in exciting variants such as the Weaver of Flame Bow.

This brings us to the end of this best weapons tier list for Monster Hunter Rise. We hope you will find it easier to choose weapons in this game with the help of this list.

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