FFXIV Addons & Mods That You Must Try (2022)

Here are all the best FF14 mods and addons that you can use to level up your graphics and gameplay.

Here are some of the best FFXIV Mods and Addons that you must try out. With these, you can get extra benefits such as better graphics, lighting, added features and more. If you want to level up your experience of the game, take a look at all the top FF14 addons in this list. Keep in mind though, FFXIV online does not allow players to use third-party programs so if you do, it’s at your own risk.

Best FF14 Mods and Addons List (2022)

best ff14 addons mods

Some of these mods will enhance the visuals of Final Fantasy XIV while some will improve the gameplay and UI. Read till the end and download the mods and addons that you prefer! Make sure to read the details on the webpage of every mod to learn everything you need to know.

Face Defined

If you want to get an upgraded version of the textures provided in the game, you can use the Face Defined mod. It’s designed to improve the vanilla faces of the characters in the game and also includes Defined Eye textures.

Hair Defined

Similar to Face Defined, the Hair Define FFXIV Addon will improve the hair textures for characters. It replaces the eyebrows, eyelashes, beards and hair textures for every gender and race.

HD Vanilla Refined

Here’s yet another addon that will give you better textures. So if you always wanted the vanilla textures to be upscaled so that you get better character features, this is the one you are searching for.

Moogle Maps

Moogle Maps is the ideal FF14 mod for those who enjoy daily treasure hunts. With this addon, you will be able to find treasures easily because all it does is replaces the original texture. It’s a small change but can make a big difference to players while doing daily hunts.

Alex’s FFXIV Reshade Preset – Best FFXIV Addon

Want to change the lighting and get sharper images in FF14? This addon does it for you. Since it’s a 2010 MMO RPG, with this mod you can actually make it look and feel like a newly released game.

Touch of Real

Continuing the topic of making the game look more ‘new’, the Touch of Real mod tries to do it with the characters. Use the realistic looking faces to get, as the mod’s name suggests, a touch of realism.

Ludite 4 FFXIV – Gameplay Graphics Overhaul (RTGI Support)

This mod does a lot of things. It gives you a better color palette by changing the contrast and color range while still making it look like the game. It also enhances the lighting and implements RayTraced Global Illumination (RTGI). You don’t require an RTX graphics card to run the RTGI shader due to how the ReShade Shader works.

Flicker Optimization and V-Sync Stutter fix

With this addon, you can make the gameplay much smoother at lower FPS. It eliminates/reduces the flickering and also gives you performance improvement.

Alive Gshade Preset

Here’s a graphical FF14 addon that will make your world look even better. When you use it, you will get color balance and it will remove the green haze that the game has normally. You will also get depth of field and more changes that will ramp up the visual quality of the game.

These are some of the best FFXIV mods and addons that you can try out. This list is far from over, we will be adding some more mod packs to this list soon. Again, do remember to check out how these addons affect your game and your computer. Some might have special requirements while some may be quite taxing on your computer, so choose wisely.

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