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How Does The Fortress Mod Work In Outriders

Find out more information about the Fortress mod in Outriders.

The Fortress is a Tier 3 Mod in Outriders. Being a Tier 3 Mod it is one of the rarest mods in the game. The Fortress Mod is seen on the Deathshield Automatic Shotgun. The Deathshield is a Legendary Level weapon in the game. Tier 3 Mods are usually seen only on Legendary weapons. However, Outriders does allow you to switch up mods between weapons. This is one of the characteristics of the looter-shooter title and is very important to its gameplay. Gear Mods are one of the major survivability mechanics in a game that seems ready to kill you at every point of its gameplay. In this guide, we focus on the Fortress Mod in Outriders and tell you how it works.

What does the Fortress Mod do in Outriders


Outriders Fortress Mod Guide
Get an offensive boost using the Fortress mod in Outriders.

The Fortress Mod gives you a 43% damage bonus. This is a massive offensive boost and can very easily change your gameplay entirely. It will deal more damage allowing you to take down enemies easily and quickly. This is pretty useful in a game like Outriders where the later World Tiers are just too hard to complete without buffs or help.

The Fortress Mod adds 43% flat damage to all the mods, skills, status, and weapons you carry. Combined with the Devastator class this Mod is a force to be reckoned with. You can play around a bit more with your Armor and help boost other stats as well. The Fortress Mod is devastatingly useful in taking down bosses and swarms of enemies. Your armor configuration will play a huge part in the Fortress Mod build so make sure you experiment a bit to get the best outcome possible.


The Fortress Mod is seen on the Deathshield which is a legendary class weapon. You can search for it in Tiago’s Shop or by having a go at Farming Legendary weapons. Dismantling weapons give you Mods and you can swap them about too.

This is everything you need to know about the Fortress Mod in Outriders. While you are here you can have a look at another item that provides a massive boost, Sergio’s Beret.