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How To Get Tier 3 Mods In Outriders

Find out how to get Tier 3 Mods in Outriders.

 Tier 3 Mods are the high-ranking mods in Outriders. What are they you ask? Outriders has a really unique feature in the form of Mods. These Mods can be attached to weapons and gear to increase their firepower and overall stats. This is a handy mechanic to have and can allow you to upgrade your weapons in Outriders. This in fact fits in nicely with Outriders’ overall looter-shooter vibe. This Mod system also keeps players involved as they look to farm Legendary Weapons to get rare mods.  You can easily get these Tier 3 Mods by dismantling the Legendary Weapons. In this guide, we tell you exactly how to get these rare Tier 3 Mods in Outriders.

How to find Tier 3 Mods in Outriders


Outriders Tier 3 Mods
Increase your firepower using these Tier 3 mods.

You can get Tier 3 Mods by dismantling and scrapping Legendary weapons in Outriders. Tier 3 Mods are usually seen in Legendary weapons. Epic and Rare weapons will usually have Mods up to Tier 2. The best way to get these mods is by farming Legendary weapons in the game. You can switch up the mods and even apply them on Epic or Rare weapons as well to increase their stats. This helps make gameplay easier for you and you can use the money on some other items in the game.

Legendary Weapons are available in crates and are more frequent in Higher World Tiers. However, you can farm them by redoing a specific mission. Completing the Chemplant mission helps you to farm Legendary weapons easily and for more details, you can look at the interlinked article.


There are other ways to upgrade your weapons and armor too. You can do that by :

This is everything you need to know about how to get Tier 3 Mods in Outriders. If you’re looking for other ways to upgrade your stats you can have a look at how to Level Up fast. You can also have a look at which Mods are the best for you.