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Which Are The Best Gear Mods In Outriders

Find out which are the best gear mods in Outriders.

Outriders is really unique in the sense that it allows you to mod weapons and gear. This allows you to create unique weapons with differing characteristics. All this fits in nicely with Outriders’ overall looter-shooter vibe. This widely influences the gameplay and helps keep players interested and intrigued in the gameplay experience. The Gear Mods help improve survivability in the game and helps you progress further in the game. In this guide, we tell you what are the best Outriders gear mods.

What are the best Gear Mods in Outriders


Outriders Best Gear Mod
Upgrade your weapons and items using mods in Outriders.

We have split the Mods of Outriders into two distinct categories for you. Read below to know our picks.

Best Defensive Gear Mods in Outriders:


  • Aggressive Teleportation Mod: Reversing time using Borrowed Time will create an explosion around you that will cause damage to all enemies within an 8-meter radius.
  • Damage Absorber Mod: Increases your armor and resistance by 10%.
  • Death’s Door Mod: When health drops below 35% your armor doubles.
  • Emergency Stance Mod: When your health drops below 30% you gain Attain Golem protective effect for four seconds.
  • Ice Trap Mod: When your health goes below 30%, Freeze affects enemies within a 10-meter radius.
  • Increase Duration Mod: Increases Reflect Bullets duration by 40%.
  • Mitigation from Death Mod: When you kill enemies while aiming down the sights you get an armor boost.
  • Primal Weakness Mod: Permanently reduces Resistance stats of all afflicted enemies.
  • Shield of the Fallen Mod: Adds 15% to your Maximum Health as Shields for each enemy killed by Twisted Rounds.
  • Snowsquall Mod: Reloading your weapon will inflict Freeze on enemies previously injured by the same weapon.
  • Thirst for Blood Mod: When you kill enemies with a weapon while they’re affected with Bleed increases your weapon leech by 40% for ten seconds.
  • Vampiric Mod: When you kill enemies with a weapon while they’re affected with Bleed recuperates 50% of ammo in your magazine.
  • Vein Ripper Mod: Critical shots will inflict Bleed on enemies.

Best Attacking Gear Mods in Outriders:

  • Bloodlust Mod: This mod helps increase your firepower damage.
  • Brawl Mod: Increases your Melee damage by 100%.
  • Buckshot Shells Mod: Increases Shotgun weapon damage by 10%.
  • Captain Hunter Mod: Damages against Elites increase by 25%.
  • Critstack Mod: Critical shots give you Anomaly Power and Firepower bonuses.
  • Kingslayer Mod: Grants a firepower boost when you hit a critical shot on an Elite.
  • Perseverance Munitions Mod: Increases your firepower for 5 seconds when your health is below 30%.
  • Personal Space Mod: Increases Close Range Weapon damage by 15%.
  • Sandstorm Mod: Successful shots will create a sandstorm that will deal damage over time.
  • Sharp Eye Mod: Killing enemies using the sights gives you a Firepower boost.
  • Sidearms Specialist Mod: Increases Sidearm Weapons damage by 10%.
  • Stare into the Barrel Mod: Boosts your Firepower for each enemy you kill in Close Range.
  • Strings of Gauss Mod: Shots will hit up to 5 enemies in a 5-meter radius of your initial target and cause electric damage to each of them.
  • Wrath of Moloch Mod: Any critical hits will cause an explosion, causing severe damage and inflicting Burn on enemies within a 5-meter radius of your target.


This is the complete guide on the best Gear Mods to use in Outriders. You can even learn more about Outriders Mods by having a look at how to view the Mods and how to transfer Mods.