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How To Get Sergio’s Beret In Outriders

Find out where you can get Sergio's Beret in Outriders.

Sergio’s Beret is a Legendary Level Headgear item in Outriders. This item is one of the most talked-about in recent times and for good reason too. Sergio’s Beret provides both an offensive as well as defensive boost. And it is quite substantial too. Being a Legendary item you can obviously expect good stats but Sergio’s Beret has really switched things up. Find out more about this Legendary Headgear item and also learn how you can get this Sergio’s Beret headgear in Outriders.

How to get Sergio’s Beret in Outriders


Outriders Sergio's Beret
Gain a lot of Defensive and Offensive stats using Sergio’s Beret.

You can get Sergio’s Beret in either enemy loot drops, vendor, or loot chests. Being a legendary item it is mostly an endgame item that will be useful for the Expeditions which unlock after the story mode. It isn’t a guaranteed drop in any of the missions and you will mostly have to keep farming Legendary gear in order to find it. One way to farm Legendary items is to keep completing the Chemplant expedition over and over again as it has the best chance of dropping Legendary gear. You can even visit Tiago’s Shop in the camp as he regularly has Legendary Items available. You can even try your luck by farming Drop Pod resources in the game.

Sergio’s Beret Stats


Sergio’s Beret Mods:

  • Sharp Eye (Tier 3 Mod): Killing enemies while aiming down sights grants you 16089 Firepower for 20 seconds. Stacks up to 3 times.
  • Bloodlust (Tier 2 Mod): Killing shots increase your Firepower by 17505. Stacks up to 3 times and deteriorates every 10 seconds.

Sergio’s Beret also provides:


  • Bonus Firepower
  • Cooldown Reduction
  • Status Power

This is everything you need to know about how to get Sergio’s Beret in Outriders. While you are here you can have a look at some of our other Outriders articles such as how to delete Crash files and learn about Loot Chest locations in Pax City.