All Loot Chest Locations In Pax City In Outriders

Do you wish to know where to find all loot chests in Pax City in Outriders? Make sure to check it out right here

Loot chests in Pax City in Outriders are a thing that everyone wants to know because generally the drop is good and everyone wants to get some of that in the game. While the majority of the game mechanics revolve around finding better gear and weapons, it is without a question that you cannot ignore all the loot chests in Pax City, if you wish to know the locations of all of them, make sure to check this out.

All Loot Chest Locations In Pax City In Outriders

There are a total of 10 Loot chests that you can find in Pax City in Outriders, each located at a specific place in the city. Here are all the locations of the loot chests that you can find.

where to find all loot chests in pax city in outriders
There is a total of 10 loot chests in pax city in Outriders

Loot Chest 1

The first loot chest can be found at the harbor, all you have to do is go to the entrance of the building that is to the left of the main building, and then you will find the chest towards the entrance.

Loot Chest 2

Look for a building with a large doorway, go inside the place, and as you turn around you will find the second loot chest.

Loot Chest 3

For this, you will need to reach the City Gate, once here head up the stairs and once on top take a left. You should be able to see the third chest there.

Loot Chest 4

Go to the Palace Guardpost, you should be able to see a truck down outside the entrance of the place, from here take a right and as soon as you reach a stone structure you should see the chest on the left.

Loot Chest 5

Get to Monroy’s Palace and once inside, just move straight and soon enough you will find what you’re looking for.

Loot Chest 6

This too can be found inside Monroy’s Palace, all you have to do is get to the statue and from here go towards the balcony, you will find it outside.

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Loot Chest 7

From the above chest, head towards the opposite direction, and when you reach the end, take a left. Now all you have to do is move ahead and then take another left when you’re outside. Go down the stairs on the right and take another left turn.

Loot Chest 8

You should be able to see a flower bed nearby from where you found the 7th chest, this one is right behind the flowers.

Loot Chest 9

Go to the Crimsonleaf Courtyard, here look for a truck underneath the archway and you will find it beside the truck.

Loot Chest 10

You will need to go to the Colosseum Plaza, as soon as you enter through the main gate, take a left after the third pillar, and here you will find the last loot chest in Pax City in Outriders.

Most of the chests can be found nearby as there isn’t a lot of exploration that the game embarks you on, but some of these loot chests can be cleverly hidden, and finding them can take a bit of time.

This is all there is to know about all the loot chest locations in Pax City, while you’re here make sure to check out How To Get Free Legendary Weapon Appreciation Package in Outriders right here on Gamer Tweak.