Outriders: How To Get Free Legendary Weapon Appreciation Package

Here's how to get a free legendary weapon in the Outriders.

Despite the game’s excellent gameplay, many players found the Outriders launch to be frustrating within the first week. It’s a fun game, but the launch was hampered by server problems that stopped many players from finding matches or logging in (among other issues). Even after the servers were somewhat stabilized, many players were dissatisfied with the constantly disconnecting servers and crossplay difficulties. As a thank you for their patience, the developers have announced that Outriders players who were affected by the server issues on launch weekend will receive some free loot. So let’s look at how to get free legendary in the Outriders appreciation package.

Who Are Eligible to Get the “Appreciation Package”?

All players who were affected by the automatic inventory wipe glitch will be automatically eligible for this kit, even if their inventory is already restored. In addition, all players who logged into Outriders between March 31st and April 11th will receive this appreciation kit.

What’s Included in the “Appreciation Package” From the Outriders Dev?

Outriders Appreciation Package Date

In Outriders, the Appreciation Package will be applied to your highest level character. Here’s what you will receive:

  • A level-appropriate Outriders free legendary weapon.
  • A level appropriate amount of Titanium.
  • A “Frustration” emote, which will be unavailable for other players.

Here are the words directly from the devs themselves:

We would like to thank each and every one of you. Beyond just saying it, however, we would like to confirm that we are working on a small “appreciation package” for our launch window players. We are still working through the exact details of it, but our intentions are as follows:

– All players who played between March 31st and April 11th (UTC timezones) are eligible
– Any players outside the above window, but for whom we will have performed an automatic inventory wipe restoration (LINK) are also eligible
– Your highest leveled character will receive:
– A level appropriate Legendary Weapon
– A level appropriate amount of Titanium
– The emote “Frustration”, which is otherwise unobtainable at this moment in time. The irony here was not intentional but is fitting.

How to Get Free Legendary Weapons in Outriders Appreciation Package?

The Outriders Appreciation Package will be automatically attached and items will be added to your account. In your Item Stash, you’ll find your Legendary weapon and Titanium. In your emote list, you’ll find the Frustration emote.

The release date for Outriders’ Appreciation Package is unknown, but the developers say it will be available in the upcoming weeks. It was expected to come along with the Outriders’ first major patch. Furthermore, the patch is expected to improve overall matchmaking performance enhancements, and cross-play will be available as promised. It’ll also repair a variety of glitches, including start crashes, basic quest glitches, and a glitch that can delete your inventory.

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