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Tiago Vendor Shop Guide: Outriders

Find out what items are available in Tiago's Vendor Shop.

Tiago is a Vendor in Outriders who has a shop that deals with Epic and Legendary weapons in Outriders. You come across Tiago towards the end of the game. He is an instrumental part in completing the Expedition missions. You will receive something called Drop-Pod resources while completing Expeditions. Tiago accepts these resources as a currency method in exchange for some Epic and Legendary level items and weapons. Scroll and read below to read about the complete Shop Guide for the Vendor Tiago in Outriders.

Where to find Tiago Vendor’s Shop in Outriders


Outriders Tiago Vendor Shop Guide
Tiago has many Legendary and Epic level items.

You will actually come across Tiago across all the levels in Outriders. He is seen in all camps sitting around a small fire. However, he is just a non-interactive NPC until then. Tiago unlocks at the end of the game. This is because Tiago mainly deals with end-game items and weapons only. Tiago also accepts a currency called Drop Pod resources which are available in the Expedition missions that take place after the in-game story is over.

In Tiago’s Shop, you will see that there are two different categories of items available. These are Regular Offers and Elite Offers. Out of these two, the Regular Offers section updates every hour and a half. This Regular Offers section contains Epic Items. Meanwhile, the Elite Offers section has Legendary Items for sale. This Elite Offers section is updated and refreshed every week.


What items are available in Tiago’s Shop

  • Iceberg (Sniper Rifle)
  • Wicker (SMG)
  • Bulwark (Auto Shotgun)
  • Juggler (AR)
  • Robes of the Borealis Monarch (Upper Armor)
  • Deathproof Chest Armor (Upper Armor)
  • Torturer’s Waistcloth (Lower Armor)
  • Plague Sower’s Trousers (Lower Armor)
  • Trespasser’s Britches (Lower Armor)
  • Hands of the Reforged (Gloves)
  • Grim Inventor’s Gloves (Gloves)
  • Seismic Commander’s Gloves (Gloves)
  • Chronosuit Gloves (Gloves)
  • Marshal’s Helmet (Headgear)
  • Torrential Downpour’s Goggles (Headgear)
  • Helmet of Acari (Headgear)
  • Ugake Otarah’s Talisman (Headgear)
  • Boots of the Lava Lich (Footgear)
  • Footwear of the Edge of Time (Footgear)
  • Statue’s Feet (Footgear)

This is the complete Shop Guide for the Vendor Tiago in Outriders. Learn how to farm Drop Pod resources to use in Tiago’s Shop as well as have a look at the complete Legendary Weapons list.