Palworld Not Enough Support Fix

Can’t build a base as per your liking because you keep getting the Not Enough Support error in Palworld? Here are some building tips to help you out.

Palworld is undoubtedly an excellent game with its monster-catching and survival elements. However, one area where it needs improvement is how its bases and building mechanics work. This has, in fact, even been addressed by the developers, who have plans in their Roadmap to update it in the future. But while we wait for that patch to be released, we still need something to fix the Not Enough Support error in Palworld. So below are some things that you can keep in mind while building your base to avoid getting this bug.

How to Fix Palworld Not Enough Support Error

How To Fix Not Enough Support In Palworld
Image Credits: KhrazeGaming on YouTube. Palworld Not Enough Support error and fix explained.

While building, make sure you build a support foundation connected to your main structure in a way that is also aligned and is two spaces parallel to another support structure. Sounds confusing? Don’t worry. Allow me to elaborate on how that works, but before I do, thanks to KhrazeGaming on YouTube for sharing this fix. Check out their video and see how they do it in their visual explanation.

Here are the basics of how it works:

  • Imagine a grid of rows and columns.
  • When you place a support foundation in one location.
  • You can build a roof up to two spaces away if it is in the same row or column and has some connection to another support foundation.
  • This means it won’t just levitate mid-air but still needs to be connected to a bridge/pillar or staircase while parallel to your support. Check the above image to see the reference. When you destroy the support foundation in front of the character, the roof two spaces away also gets destroyed.
  • It is important to remember that the 2 spaces part of the building doesn’t work diagonally.

For now, you only have this workaround method to use, and it should be improved with future updates.

That is all for how to fix the not enough support error in this game. Since you like playing Palworld be sure to also check our other guides for it on how to escape boss fights without losing gear, get Paladius, and get Pure Quartz.