How To Get Pure Quartz In Palworld – Best Farm Spots And Uses

Want some Pure Quartz in Palworld? Here is where you can find and farm it.

When you reach the mid to late game in Palworld, Pure Quartz is a resource that you would want in abundance. It is needed to make Circuit Boards, which are further used for crafting all sorts of high-level technologies like Production Assembly Line II, Electric Medicine Workbench, and more. So it is important you not only know the locations where you can find it but also some farming spots for it. Also, check out how you can use Pure Quartz in this game.

Where to Find and Farm Pure Quartz in Palworld?

Palworld Best Spots To Find And Farm Pure Quartz
Image Credits: Teachers Game Too on YouTube. Pure Quartz farming spot in Palworld.

Astral Mountains is one of the best places to find Pure Quartz. There are two spots where you can farm them.

  • Coordinates (-250, 390): Make sure you carry cold protection with you because this place is in a snowy biome. Here you can find several nodes of Pure Quartz. Take any of the Pals that are suitable for mining. Digitoise is the best Pal for it. A single Pure Quartz has 5 weight, so you should mine accordingly. Once you feel you are about to reach your weight limit you should go back to your base and transfer them to your storage. These nodes should take roughly 1 in-game day to respawn, once they are back you can repeat the process again.
  • No Man’s Trail: Fast travel to this Waypoint and go northeast to find a Pure Quartz node (check the above image for reference). In the vicinity, you can find a few more nodes. Similarly, if you go south you can find some Pure Quartz near Cold Shore.

So you can use the above two locations to easily farm a ton of it.

How to Use Pure Quartz in Palworld

You use Pure Quartz to make a Circuit Board. It needs the following resources:

  • Pure Quartz x4
  • Polymer x2

On its own Pure Quartz doesn’t seem very useful but Circuit Board is needed for several technologies. So make sure you don’t leave any of it behind while farming.

That is all on how to get and use Pure Quartz in Palworld. While you are here also check out our other guides for this game on best spots to farm chests, how to breed Astegon, and craft strange juice.