Palworld: Best Chest Farming Route – Spots For Pal Souls, Gold And More

Looking for some good spots to get chests or a farming route in Palworld? Below you can find them both.

If you are looking to get some easy Gold, Pal Souls, Giga spheres, or other valuable items then you should find and open some chests. While they are spread everywhere across the Palpagos island, going about randomly hunting for them isn’t the best way to do things. Instead what you should rather do is pick a few Chest spots in Palworld that are relatively safe which means you won’t be attacked as frequently and plot a farming route around it. So here is a recommended route and some of the best spots in the game.

Best Chest Farming Route in Palworld

The best chest farming route starts from the Astral Mountains and ends at the Dessicated Desert. Before we check more of it, thanks to Reddit user u/azzaranda for sharing this route, be sure to check their post here.

Do remember to grab some cold resistance as the entire journey can take you anywhere between 10 to 25 minutes. Last but not least you also need a Flying Pal so that you can quickly grab the chest rewards.

  1. Start from the Fast travel shown in the above image at the northeastern side of the Astral Mountains.
  2. Next, go west as shown in the above path, and then make your way up north.
  3. Eventually, go south to the non-snowy region of the Astral Mountains.
  4. Finally, go east and stop at the Dessicated Desert region.

The chest locations shown in the above image are roughly where you can find them. However, what type of chest it will be or the loot you can get from it is mostly random. Side note in the above route you can also find several eggs, so make sure to keep an eye out for them as well.

Best Chest Spots

Best Chest Farm Spots In Palworld
Image Credits: True Vanguard on YouTube. Best chest spots in Palworld.

In case, you don’t like the above route then here are some other spots where you can farm chests:

  • Towers in Astral Mountains: In the northern central section of the Astral Mountains you can find several Metal towers. These have a ton of high-level chests. Use your Pal to fly high so that you get a good vantage point, then when you spot some chests or eggs you can go and collect them.
  • Wildlife Sanctuaries: All three Wildlife Sanctuaries that you can find in the game are decent spots to farm chests.
    • Go east from the Sea Breeze Archipelago to reach No. 1 Wildlife Sanctuary.
    • Head north from Mount Obsidian to get to No. 2 Wildlife Sanctuary.
    • Finally, go northeast from Dessicated Desert to reach No. 3 Wildlife Sanctuary.

That is all for the best chest farming route and spots in Palworld. For more help with this game, you should also check our guide on how to breed Astegon, get Strange juice, and transfer passives.