How To Get And Use Strange Or Suspicious Juice In Palworld

Wondering what these juices do? Here is how you can make Strange and Suspicious juice in Palworld.

A major aspect of Palworld revolves around the game’s survival features. As such you will put the Pals you catch to work quite a lot. There will be times when they may feel hungry, neglect, and other status effects. However, while there are medicines to fix these status effects, there are also some of them that can boost their work efficiency. So if you are looking for some of those you should get yourself the Strange or Suspicious Juice in Palworld. Also, check out their use and effects.

How to Get Strange or Suspicious Juice in Palworld

Palworld Make Strange And Suspicious Juice And Its Use
Image Credits: Uranus Aquarius on YouTube. How you can make and feed Strange Juice to Pals in Palworld.

In order to get these juices you have to craft both of them using the Medieval Medicine Workbench. We will check how you can get this workbench in a bit, but for now, here is what you need to make them:

  • Suspicious Juice
    • Unlock level: Level 12
    • Materials needed:
      • Beautiful Flower x3
      • Bone x1
      • Horn x3
      • Pal Fluids x1
  • Strange Juice
    • Unlock level: Level 12
    • Materials needed:
      • Beautiful Flower x5
      • Bone x2
      • Horn x5
      • Pal Fluids x2

As for Medieval Medicine Workbench, you can unlock it at level 12 as well. You need to spend 2 Technology points for it and need the following resources:

  • Nail x5
  • Paldium Fragment x10
  • Wood x30

How to Use Strange or Suspicious Juice

You can use it by feeding it to any of your Pals to increase their work speed for a limited time. However, the catch is it lowers their sanity so make sure you don’t overuse them.

That is all for how you can get Strange or Suspicious juice in this game and how to use them. Since you like playing it I would highly suggest you also give our Palworld section a check. Here you can get help on various useful topics like how to transfer passives, control egg temperature, fix the butchering not dropping items bug, and more.