Palworld Pals Extremely Unhealthy Due To Neglect Fix

Are your Pals feeling depressed? Here is how you can fix their neglect in Palworld.

In Palworld, just like Pokemon, your Pals can get affected by status effects. But unlike Pokemon, where your Pokemon get affected by those primarily due to battle, this game adds a bit more to spice things up. As you have to use your Pals to better run your base, at times they will eventually tire out. Not only that but they can also lose their will to work or eat when not taken care of (talk about realism). One of such effects you will see in Palworld is your Pal getting depressed and it says “Extremely unhealthy due to neglect” and will need to fix it. So this is what you should do about it.

How to Fix Neglect in Palworld

How To Fix Pals Extremely Unhealthy Due To Neglect In Palworld
Image Credits: Cjthecheesedj on YouTube. How you can use High Grade Medical supplies to fix Neglect in Palworld.

When your Pals are depressed due to neglect, you need to use High Grade Medical Supplies. You can craft it at Medieval Medicine Workbench. In order to make it you need:

  • Bone x2
  • Horn x5
  • Ingot x5

After crafting you just have to use it on them:

  1. Walk up to your neglected Pal.
  2. Open their menu. Press 4 for it.
  3. Go to Feed.
  4. Finally, select High Grade Medical Supplies.

Your Pal will be cured. You can check their eyes to notice the difference.

How to Prevent Pals from Feeling Neglect

The long-run fix so that your Pals don’t feel depressed or neglected is to improve their living conditions. Here are some things that you can do to take care of that:

  • Make beds: One of the best ways to ensure your Pals remain sane is to make them beds so that they can rest after a long day of work.
  • Make Feedbox: It goes without saying but you should keep your Pals well-fed. Feedbox can help you with just that.
  • Make Hot tubs: Many Pals in the game enjoy using hot tubs so make sure you make those so they can relax.
  • Switch them frequently: You should catch multiple of the same Pals so that when you have used one for a long time you can place them back in the Palbox and switch them with another. This will give them a break and keep them sane.

That’s all you need to do to fix neglect in this game. While you are here also check our other Palworld guides on how to fix the incompatible version error, turn off base raids, and more.