Palworld Incubation Guide: How To Control Egg Temperature – Too Hot Or Cold Fix

Does your egg seem uncomfortable? Check out how to control its temperature in Palworld.

One of the many things you can do in Palworld is breed your Pals. This feature is useful if you are looking to get the perfect Pal by using parent Pals who have the perfect traits and abilities. However, one of the problems after getting an egg you face is sometimes during incubation it isn’t comfortable. You may get messages like egg seems just a little cold or hot. So here are the things you can do to control the temperature of your eggs in Palworld.

How Egg Temperature Scale Works in Palworld

How To Control Temperature For Eggs In Palworld
Image Credits: SpookyFairy on YouTube. How to control Egg temperatures in Palworld and temp scale explained.

Before we check how to keep the eggs comfortable it is important you know what the temp scale means.

  • Neutral Temperature: 0 or +0
  • Cold Temperature: -1, -2, or -3
  • Hot Temperature: +1, +2, or +3

Since there are 9 different elements for Pals in this game, each egg also has a certain temperature it gets comfortable at for example, Fire eggs will be comfortable at +1 on the temp scale, while Ice eggs prefer -1 temperature.

Last but not least your time of the day and biome also affects the temperature. During the day it is +1 which is suited for hot eggs, while at night the temperature becomes -1 which is suited for cold eggs.

Below is the comfort preference of each egg:

Palworld Egg Comfort and Perfect Temperatures for Incubation

Before checking this list thanks to Reddit user u/RnG_ZeuS for sharing this information, you can check out their post here. I suggest you give their post a read because they have added other useful information as well. So here is what each egg prefers:

  • Verdant Egg: 0
  • Rocky Eggs: +1
  • Electric Eggs: 0
  • Damp Eggs: -1
  • Scorched Egg: +1
  • Ice Egg: – 1
  • Dragon Egg: -1
  • Dark Egg: -1
  • Common Egg: 0

How to Control Incubation Egg Temperature in Palworld

Now that you know the different temperatures each egg prefers all that is left is to control it to hatch eggs faster. You need coolers and heaters for this task. Here are the four that you can craft:

  • Heater
    • Charcoal x10
    • Flame Organ x5
    • Ingot x20
  • Cooler
    • Ice Organ x5
    • Ingot x20
    • Stone x20
  • Electric Heater
    • Circuit Board x10
    • Flame Organ x10
    • Ingot x30
    • Refined Ingot x30
  • Electric Cooler
    • Circuit Board x10
    • Ice Organ x10
    • Ingot x30
    • Refined Ingot x30

Egg seems just a Little Cold

How To Warm Eggs In Palworld
Image Credits: Finaq on YouTube. Egg seems just a little cold fix.

If your egg is cold then it must prefer warmer temperatures, to fix that:

  • Use Heaters: The Heater gives +1 Temp, while the Electric Heater gives +2 Temp.
  • Go to Hotter Biomes: You can go to the Volcanic regions to get +2 Temp, you can stack it by going there during the day to get an additional +1 Temp, making your egg reach +3.

Egg seems just a Little Hot

How To Cool Eggs In Palworld
Image Credits: Finaq on YouTube. Egg seems just a little hot fix.

Similar to the above case, this time if your egg feels hot that might suggest it prefers colder temperatures, you can fix that by:

  • Using Coolers: The Cooler gives -1 Temp, while the Electric Cooler gives -2 Temp.
  • Go to Colder Biomes: Going to snowy regions in the game will give you a -2 Temp, and during the night you also get an extra -1 Temp, making it a -3.

How to Incubate +0 Eggs

The best way to keep Verdant, Common, and Electric eggs comfortable that prefer +0 temperature is to incubate them at beaches. One of the best places for it is near Fisherman’s Point. The temperature here stays 0 no matter the time of the day.

Last but not least if you are incubating any of these eggs inside a house then you will need to build a campfire to keep the temperature +0.

That sums up everything you need to know about controlling egg temperatures during incubation in Palworld and how to keep them comfortable. While you are here I suggest you also check our guide on how to fix the butchering not dropping items bug.