Palworld Butchering Pal Not Dropping Items Fix

Butchered a Pal in Palworld but it dropped nothing? Here is how you can fix that.

Palworld may look childish at times with its cute-looking Pals and colorful environment but it has quite some dark themes to it. Since it is a survival game you have to put your Pals to work to develop and maintain your base, feed them timely, and more. So if you are looking for meat or other items that’s where killing them comes in. However, there is a recent bug that Palworld players are facing when butchering Pals is not dropping items. Luckily there is an easy fix for it.

How to Fix Butchering Pals Not Dropping Items in Palworld

Palworld Butchering Pal Not Dropping Items
Image Credits: Pocketpair. Butcher Pals outside base so that they drop items in Palworld.

You should go outside your base and butcher your Pals. In this bug what happens is, you may notice that when you kill your Pals sometimes the items just phase through the floor. Thankfully though, Reddit user u/sheikl found the perfect solution for it, you can check their comment here.

  1. The Blue borders indicate your base area.
  2. Take your Pal outside the border.
  3. Buther them and now your drops shouldn’t disappear anymore.

Several players have confirmed it to work. There is a still chance that you may get this bug again even when killing them outside but its chances are very low.

In case this doesn’t work for you then there is another solution that you can try:

  • Kill your Pals on an elevation: Thanks to Reddit user u/BeFrozen for this method, you can check their comment here. Butchering your Pals on a Roof or a base with multiple floors can help you out. This way when the drops phase through below, it lands on the floor beneath the elevation.

Although this doesn’t work as frequently as the above method.

That is all for how you can fix butchering Pals not dropping items glitch in this game. Be sure to check out our Palworld section for more help on other topics like how Pal passive skills stack works, farming world bosses without reset timer, and more.