Palworld: How To Farm World Bosses Without Waiting For Them To Respawn

Eager to farm Palworld world bosses but don’t want decrease the respawn timer to 0? This trick has got you covered.

No matter if you are looking for Civilization parts to unlock new technologies or specific rare drops, you need to defeat Alpha Pal bosses in Palworld to get them. However, what happens after you beat them is you have to wait for roughly 1 in-game day which is an hour before you can fight them again. However, currently there seems to be a trick that you can use to farm world bosses without having to worry about the timer (decrease it to 0). So here is how it works:

How to Farm World Bosses in Palworld without waiting for Respawn Timer to Reset

How To Farm World Bosses In Palworld And Get No Respawn Timer
Image Credits: QuickPlay on YouTube. No Respawn Timer World Boss glitch for Palworld.

You need to use a flying Pal and kill your character after beating the world boss for this farming trick. Before checking the details of how this method works, Thanks to QuickPlay on YouTube for sharing this method. Be sure to check out their video on how they do it:

  1. Go to the Boss that you find easy to defeat.
  2. Next, eliminate it.
  3. Now, after killing the boss instead of collecting the loot, bring out any of your flying Pal.
  4. Mount it, fly high up to the sky, and jump down.
  5. Your character will die due to the fall damage.
  6. Wait for the game to bring up the Defeat screen.
  7. Now, force close the game by pressing Alt + F4.
  8. Finally, restart the game and you will see the boss has respawned and all of your loot is still there on the ground.

Disclaimer, the game version cannot be seen in the above video so chances are it could already be patched. But you can still give it a try. Before trying it out make sure you change your world settings so that you don’t lose anything upon dying. Lastly, since this is an exploit you may or may not get banned from a the server if you are playing with randoms.

That is all for how you can farm world bosses in Palworld and decrease the respawn timer to 0. Speaking of having to wait, be sure to also check our guide on Black Marketeer not respawning fix. As for other topics of this game, you can also check our guides on how to keep Pals in the breeding pen, grow all crops, and the list of all healing Pals.