Black Marketeer Not Respawning Bug In Palworld

Playing on a dedicated server and your Black Marketeer isn’t respawning in Palworld? Here is what you should know about this glitch and its fix.

Palworld has its fair share of bad guys to whom you can sell almost anything from Pals or even captured humans. This NPC is none other than the Black Marketeers. If you are wondering what happens when you kill them, you get 2 golden keys and quite a handful amount of gold. However, there is a new glitch or bug that players are now facing in which the Black Marketeer won’t spawn if you are playing Palworld on a dedicated server, as such players want a fix.

How to Fix Black Marketeer Not Respawning in Palworld?

Can You Fix Black Marketeer Trader Not Respawning In Palworld
Image Credits: NeroBax on YouTube. Black Marketeer in the Abandoned Mineshaft.

This seems to be a bug that only happens on dedicated servers. There are two possible workarounds that you can try to fix it:

  • Restart your Server: Thanks to Reddit user u/TheNinjaManD for sharing this solution. When you restart or refresh your dedicated server, it resets all the caught merchants. The catch is it works on caught merchants, so if you kill them it may or may not work. But when you kill a Black Marketeer, it does respawn after some time. Which brings us to the next solution.
  • Wait for server reset: Thanks to Reddit user u/KaitouNala. You can check their comment here. Allow me to elaborate on this. According to them, their servers reset at 00:00 PST and after that Marketeers spawn back in their locations in the game. You can also try waiting roughly for 1 in-game day cycle for it to respawn.

If it still doesn’t work then you can consider waiting for the developers to fix it. You can also Contact Palworld and explain the issue and see if they can help you resolve it in any other way.

That is all for what you can do to fix Black Marketeer not respawning in Palworld. Since you like playing this game be sure to check our other guides on how to grow all crops, keep pals inside breeding farm, and Pals with Healing Partner skills.