Palworld Healing Pals List And Best Partner Skills To Restore HP

Running low on HP and out of consumables? You should use these Pals’ Healing Partner skills in Palworld.

In Palworld, both your player and Pals need to use medical supplies if you are looking to restore your HP. There is an option to recover HP over time but while this is good, it can feel rather slow and even requires you to back out of some fights. However, there is another method that not only is more reliable but also free. You can use the Healing Partner skills if you have the right Pals in your team in Palworld to replenish your health. If you aren’t sure which Pals these are, then the below list will help you out.

All Pals with Healing Partner Skills in Palworld

Palworld Pals With Healing Partner Skills
Image Credits: OnGame MultiGaming on YouTube. Location where you can find the healing Pal Felbat in Palworld.

There are 6 Pals that have Healing Partner Skills in this game. Here is what each ability does and where you can find them:

  • Felbat
    • Life Steal: Felbat attacks its target and based on the damage, heals both itself and the player.
    • Location: Go to the Sealed Realm of the Abyssal Nights, enter the dungeon and you can capture the field boss.
  • Lovander
    • Heart Drain: Lovander heals both the player and itself by attacking its target.
    • Location: It can be found in most desert biomes at night.
  • Teafant
    • Soothing Shower: Based on the Pal’s level it heals the player once the skill is activated.
    • Location: It can be found in the northern region of the Plateau of Beginning.
  • Petallia
    • Blessing of the Flower Spirit: Petallia uses this skill to heal the player. Pal level affects how much HP is restored.
    • Location: You can find one at No.1 Wildlife Sanctuary.
  • Lyleen
    • Harvest Goddess: Lyleen heals the player with this skill. Pal level affects how much HP is restored.
    • Location: You can find one at No.3 Wildlife Sanctuary.
  • Lyleen Noct
    • Goddess of the Tranquil Light: Heals the player when this skill is used. Pal level affects how much HP is restored.
    • Location: Go to the Unthawable Lake and head northwest to find one inside the Iceberg Mineshaft.

That is all for the Pals with Healing Partner skills in this game. While you are here don’t forget to check our other Palworld guides on how to get all crops, keep Pals in Breeding farm, and fix neglect.