How To Put And Keep Pals In Breeding Farm Palworld

Do your Pals keep teleporting out of the Breeding Farm? Here is how you can keep them from exiting in Palworld.

Breeding in Palworld is quite useful if you are looking to get better Pals. However, an issue that many players seem to be facing is they can’t seem to keep their Pals on the Breeding farm. They often end up escaping the ranch when they are hungry. So in pursuit of food they simply just clip through the fence. It seems to be a glitch with the game’s AI. This is rather annoying as it disrupts the breeding procedure. So here are some easy things to keep them safe inside.

How to Keep Pals Inside Breeding Pen in Palworld

How To Keep Pals Inside Breeding Pen In Palworld
Image Credits: Born 2 Game on YouTube. Throwing Pals inside Breeding Pen to keep them from escaping.

The best way to put them inside the pen is by picking them up and throwing them toward the farm. On the left side of the screen, it says “Fixed Assignment to Breeding farm.”. However, while this is effective here are some more things that you can do to keep them in:

  • Try walling off your breeding pen: If you can build a breeding room and add a door it will better keep the pals inside. The door will also prevent them from randomly leaving.
  • Place Beds in your Breeding Farm: Beds are important for your Pals and it is best you place them inside the breeding farm.
  • Place Cake inside the container: The container box you place outside the farm not only uses the cake for your Pals but also keeps it from expiring.
  • Feed your Pals manually: While having a Feedbox is useful, you can sometimes just take some food from your inventory on you. Next, interact with the Pals and manually feed them. Make sure to feed them not just berries but also meat from time to time.

Last but not least if your Pals still seem to glitch out of the ranch. You should add them back to your Palbox. Try putting them in a separate box or section so that you can remember which ones you were using for breeding. Now, exit the game. Restart and wait for everything to load, now throw them to the breeding farm and you should be all set. Repeat this step and the above steps each time they glitch out again.

That is all on how you can put your Pals inside the Breeding Pen in Palworld. For more help with this game be sure to also check our guides on how to fix neglect, fix the incompatible version error, and save file location.