Palworld Crops Guide: How To Get, Grow, And Use Seeds

Don’t want your Pals to go hungry while they are out working for you? You should get the seeds of every crop and set up your farm in Palworld.

Palworld is a game that takes its survival aspect quite seriously and makes sure you remember it isn’t just about catching monsters. As such when you don’t take care of your Pals, they get afflicted by various status effects like hunger, injury, neglect, and more. While all of those can be fixed with medicines, why not prevent them from happening altogether? So for this guide here is everything you should know about all the crops in Palworld, how to get their seeds, setting up your plantation farm to grow them, and their use.

All Crops Seed in Palworld and Where to Get Them

How To Get All Crops Seeds In Palworld
Image Credits: MonkeyKingHero on YouTube. Buying Crop seeds from Merchant in Palworld.

There are 4 types of seed in the game and you can find them either as drops from various Pals or buy them from merchants at settlements, Duneshelter, and Fisherman’s Point. Here are all the seeds and how you can get them as drops:

  • Berry Seeds – Defeat Lifmunk or Gumoss.
  • Wheat Seeds – Defeat Flopie or Dinossum.
  • Tomato Seeds – Defeat Mossanda, Dinossum Lux, Broncherry, Wumpo Botan, or Vaelet.
  • Lettuce Seeds – Defeat Cinnamoth, Wumpo Botan, Bristla, or Broncherry Aqua.

How to Grow and Use Crops in Palworld

How To Grow And Use Crops In Palworld
Image Credits: Pocketpair. How you can make a farm in your base and grow crops in Palworld.

After you are done collecting the above seeds it is time to set up your farms. In order to do that you need to unlock the plantations first, we will check the details of how to unlock them and the resources you need in a bit. But assuming you have them unlocked here is what you do:

  1. Set up your plantation in your base.
  2. Capture at least 3 Pals with the following skills:
    • Gathering – This Pal will collect the berries or other food the crops yield. Some good early-game Pals include Cattiva and Chikipi. Typically Neutral Pals.
    • Watering – This Pal will water your crops. Some good early-game Pals include Fuack and Pengullet. Typically Water Pals.
    • Planting – This Pal will plant the crop seeds on your plantation. Some good early-game Pals include Lifmunk and Tanzee. Typically Grass Pals.
  3. Next, use these Pals to manage your plantation.
  4. Make sure you set up chests for Pals to drop the crops they collect and even place beds and tubs nearby for them to rest when they get tired.
  5. Finally, you can use these crops by keeping some of them in the Feed box for your Pals to directly consume. Store some of them in the cooler to preserve for later, and finally cook the rest of them to feed your Pals so that they don’t start starving as fast compared to when they eat it raw.

How to Unlock and Craft Plantations

How To Unlock And Set Up Plantations In Palworld
Image Credits: MonkeyKingHero on YouTube. Wheat Plantation crafting recipe for Palworld.

You need to level up and spend Technology Points in order to unlock these 4 plantations.

  • Berry Plantation: Unlocks at level 5.
    • Crafting Materials –
      • Berry Seeds x3
      • Stone x20
      • Wood x20
  • Wheat Plantation: Unlocks at level 15.
    • Crafting Materials –
      • Wheat Seeds x3
      • Stone x35
      • Wood x35
  • Tomato Plantation: Unlocks at level 32.
    • Crafting Materials –
      • Tomato Seeds x3
      • Pal Fluid x5
      • Stone x50
      • Wood x70
  • Lettuce Plantation: Unlocks at level 38.
    • Crafting Materials –
      • Lettuce Seeds x3
      • Pal Fluid x10
      • Stone x75
      • Wood x100

That sums up this complete guide on how to get seeds, grow crops, and use them. Since you like playing this game be sure to also check our other guides on how to keep Pals in Breeding Farm and fix the incompatible version error. You can also head over to our Palworld section to get help with other topics not mentioned here.