Where To Get Paladius In Palworld – How To Breed It

Need a Paladius in your team in Palworld? Here is where you can find it.

There are several strong Neutral Pals in the game but if you are looking for the best, then Paladius is an excellent option that you should go for. It has the Holy Knight of the Firmament Partner skill, that not only increases the base mount speed but also lets you use its triple jump. It is best suited for works like Lumbering and Mining, and also good for combat. So below is the location where you can find Paladius in Palworld, its best Passives, and what Pals to breed with it.

How to Get Paladius in Palworld – Map Location

How To Get And Breed Paladius In Palworld
Image Credits: Game and Tech Comet on YouTube. How to get a Paladius in Palworld.

You can catch a Paladius in the Dessicated Desert. He can be fought alongside Necromus as they appear in a boss battle. Make sure to add your strongest Dark element Pals to your team for the fight and have your best weapons on you. Carry some Legendary spheres as well, to ensure you are able to catch it. Once you are ready here is what you should do:

  1. Go to the Deep Sand Dunes Fast Travel point.
  2. Head, north from here, and eventually you will be able to spot two Pals Necromus and Paladius. Both of these are level 50 bosses so make sure to carry extra healing items to improve your survivability if your Pals aren’t leveled up to match them.
  3. Launch, a surprise attack on either of the Pals from a distance.
  4. After you bring their health down enough. Preferably anywhere between 2-5% of their HP, use the Legendary Ball.
  5. You can now catch them.

Aside from that another way to get a Paladius is to hatch it from a huge common egg. It comes down to a bit of luck because you equally have a chance of getting Kingpaca from it.

How to Breed Paladius in Paladius – Best Pals to Use it with

In case you are looking to transfer passives and want to breed a Paladius then only other Paladius can be used as parent Pals. That means:

  • Paladius and Paladius breeds another Paladius

So unlike Astegon, you cannot use other Pals to obtain it. However, you can get other children Pals when using Paladius with other parent Pals. Some of the best combos include:

  • Paladius and Mossanda breeds Menasting
  • Beakon and Paladius breeds Astegon
  • Paladius and Blazamut breeds Suzaku

Best Passives for Paladius

If you are looking for its best Passives then here are the ones you should go for:

  • Legend: Increases its Attack and Defense by 20% and Movement Speed by 15%.
  • Swift: Boosts its Movement Speed by 30%.
  • Celestial Emperor: Increases the damage of its Neutral Attacks by 20%.

That is all for how you can get Paladius, its best Passives and breeding combos in Palworld. While you are here don’t forget to check our other guides on how to get Pure Quartz, get Strange juice, and the best spots to farm chests.