How To Escape Boss Fights Without Losing Gear In Palworld

Keep losing everything after encountering bosses and dying in Palworld? Here is how you can escape their fights without losing your loot.

In Palworld, one of the handy tricks that you should know is how you can escape boss fights without losing your gear. This game isn’t just survival in the name and will put your resourcefulness to the test. There are times when you might accidentally wander into a dungeon or boss area unprepared. Even though you can change your World settings so that you lose nothing upon dying. It won’t be of much use if the fight has already started. So if you find yourself in such situation, then this is what you can do to get out of it.

How to Exit Boss Fights in Palworld Without Losing Gear

Palworld How To Escape Boss Fights Without Losing Gear
Image Credits: Pocketpair. How to exit bosses in the middle of a fight in Palworld.

You can go back to the main menu in the middle of a boss fight to ensure none of your loot gets lost. Here is what you should do:

  1. When you are in the middle of a fight look for cover so that you aren’t suddenly attacked by the boss.
    • You can use your Pals to keep it engaged in the fight.
  2. Open the game’s menu and go to the Options tab.
  3. Click on the Return to Title button. The game will tell you that it will automatically save when returning to the title.
  4. Finally, click on the Yes button.

Once you are back, reload the game and you will find yourself just outside the area where the boss fight starts. Now, you can go back to your base to heal them or choose better Pals for the fight as per the elemental type chart to gain advantage. Alternatively, you can always level up and come back here later.

That is all on how to escape boss fights in this game without losing your gear. Since you like playing this game don’t forget to check out our other guides on where to find Paladius, get Pure Quartz, the best spots to farm chests, and how to breed Astegon. As for help on other similar topics not mentioned here, be sure to visit our Palworld section.