Where to find Monoblos in Monsther Hunter Stories 2?

Looking for powerful monstie to unlock early in MH Stories 2, then here is how to get Monoblos.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 has different Monstie’s which are kinds of pets you can hatch out from monster eggs. First thing to do is find the Monster, defeat him, and then you can steal their eggs. Hatching the right egg will give you powerful Monstie’s early in the game. You can ride them, use them in the battle, use their abilities to find treasures, etc.

Monoblos is among the powerful monsters in MH Stories 2. It is worth enough to burn some time in finding this one, and I am going to help you with it.

How to find Monoblos?

Monoblos Map Location

Go to Harzgai Rocky Hill, nearest fast travel point is Harzgai Hil – Inner. Refer to the MH Stories Map screenshot above for the exact location of Monoblos. Take the fast travel point and walk on the path towards the left side as shown on the map above. You will need a monster with stone-breaker ability. Ignore all the monsters in the path and just keep moving towards the left.

You will find a Royal Monoblos resting on the spot. It is weak to bows and electric-type attacks. Use Technical to counter the speed attacks. You can force the monster to retreat using Sword and Shields. You can also use Paintballs, later follow the monsters to its den and grab the egg. It won’t be that easy to beat Monoblos, you have to plan your attack and choose the right attack type. As I said Power and Technical attacks are the best against Monoblos body parts.

Monoblos Stats:

Base Level Monoblos comes with 79 Max HP. It has a slow speed but is good in terms of defense and attacks. Monoblos is a Flywyvern Rarity 5 level monster.

  1. Max HP – 76
  2. Speed – 11
  3. Attack – 48
  4. Defense – 33
  5. Weak Point – 12

With the stats, Monoblos also brings some of the best gene combinations on the table. You can unlock the genes via Stimulants. You can check our guide on how to change Monster Genes to learn a bit more about unlocking Monstie’s potentials. It is an integral part of the progression system, with proper gene unlock you can hit Bingo bonus. That can drastically boost damage and other monstie abilities.

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