Monster Hunter Stories 2 Royal Monsters Locations

Here's where to find all Royal Monsters in Monster Hunter Stories 2.

Are you hunting for some Royal Monsters in Monster Hunter Stories 2? These are powerful creatures and will turn out to be tough opponents. They are rare so you will be wondering where to find the Royal Monsters locations in Monster Hunter Stories 2 so that you can beat them and get the Monstie eggs from them. With these eggs, you can hatch a strong Monstie to upgrade your team.

Where to Find All Royal Monsters Locations Monster Hunter Stories 2

Where to Find All Royal Monsters Locations Monster Hunter Stories 2

The Royal Monsters in MHS 2 are Tigrex, Brute Tigrex, White Monoblos, Monoblos, Gammoth and Zinogre. Check out our list of all the locations where you can find Royal Monsters to defeat them.

Tigrex Location in Monster Hunter Stories 2

  • You can find this Royal Monster in Alcala Valley and Harzgai Hill – Inner Catavan Outpost.

Brute Tigrex Location

  • To find Brute Tigrex, head to Lamure near the Sadona Barrens Catavan Outpost.

White Monoblos Location

  • The location of this Royal Monster is West Lamure Desert near Jalma Highlands Catavan Outpost.

Monoblos Royal Monster Location

  • Head to Harzgai Rocky Hill to find this Royal Monster.

Gammoth Location in MHS 2

  • Gammoth can be found in Loloska. When you find the Woodland Catavan Outpost, this creature should be nearby.

Zinogre Location in MHS 2

  • You can find Zinogre in Loloska near the Lavina Glacial Peaks Catavan Outpost.

So, these are the locations where you can find the Royal Monsters in MHS 2.

Do note that these Monsters will retreat to their Dens when you use the Paintball. During your battle, ensure that the enemy is truly drained which is when you should use the Paintball. And if you fast travel after the Monster’s retreat, the Den will disappear so avoid it at all costs.

Now, you will need some help while fighting them so keep reading to know which counters to use.

Monster Attack Type Counter
Tigrex Speed Technical
Brute Tigrex Power Speed
Monoblos Speed Technical
Gammoth Power Speed
Zinogre Speed Technical

Don’t forget to check out our MHS 2 Best Weapons list which will help you get the victory in your Royal Monster fights. We have also covered how to make these formidable enemies retreat in a separate guide.

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