MH Stories 2 Monoblos Weakness Guide – How To Beat This Rare Monster?

Monoblos is a rare and powerful monster in MH Stories 2. If you know what exactly is his weakness you can beat this monster faster.

Monoblos falls in the Flying Wyvern category of Monsters in MH Stories 2. This 5 Start Rarity monster has pretty good stats. Monoblos Level 1 comes with 76 HP, 48 Attack and 33 Defense. It is one of the powerful monstie to get early in MH Stories 2. This article contains vital info on Monoblos weakness. This valuable info will help you to beat down it fast. If you do not know where exactly to find it then refer to our Monoblos Location Guide first.

What is Monoblos weakness?


Monoblos is weak to Thunder Element. Thunder attacks release shocks of lightning that electrify the enemies. Thunder is used by both Monsters and Hunters in MH Stories 2. The goal is to use this attack as much as possible to beat down the monster.

The easiest way to defeat Monobolos is to attack his Legs with a Technical attack. The second important tip to beat this monster fast is using Sword and Shield. Using this on Monoblos while it is paralyzed increases the retreat rate. Make sure you first check the stats before entering into battle. You will get an idea of Max HP, Speed, Attack, Defense, and Weak Point. Using this you can plan out how to defeat Monoblos faster in MH Stories 2.

Monoblos Weakness Guide

Start with Technical attacks, you will unlock a Double Attack instantly. This will not really put major damage, but a good start. Focus all Technical attacks on the legs first. It will throw up the monster off the ground. Then you can attack the Horn, Stomach, and Tail. Use Technical attack on the parts until it breaks down.

Monoblos is a Royal Monster in MH Stories 2. He is found in the Alcala region where you will also find Tigrex. You will have to explore the inner regions of Harzgai Hill. You can hunt down Gammoth and Zinogre in the Loloska region and Brute Tigrex and White Monoblos in the Lamure region. All these are Royal Monsters in MH Stories 2.

The good thing about hunting royal monsters is that you can get one of their Monstie eggs. That means you can add a powerful monster to your team. Thankfully you do not have to wait for really long. You can hunt down the Monster after unlocking few regions at the start. Focus on getting Royal Monsters that will help you to win tougher battles. Also, you can go through our MH Stories 2 Wiki guide for easier monster hunting.

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