How To Get Metal & Metal Ingots In Ark Survival Ascended

Explore the locations we have given to find, collect, and refine Metal & Metal Ingots in Ark Survival Ascended.

The discovery and use of different kinds of metal have made a significant contribution towards the modern, industrialized, weaponized, and technologically advanced phase of our kind. Similarly, Metal & Metal Ingots in Ark Survival Ascended play a crucial role in the advancement. Getting our hands on Metal in the prehistoric step up is like skipping thousands of years. Surviving in ASA is important, but advancing at the same time is also needed.

The Metal and Metal Ingots you’ll get from here can be used for creating weapons and equipment like Magnifying Glass, Pike, Sword, and Metal Sickle. If you are curious about what else needs Metal, you can check our ASA weapons recipes.

Ark Survival Ascended Metal Locations

Ark Survival Ascended Metal Location Guide
Image Credit: Lucky Shot on YouTube

Metal nodes can be found all over the map of The Island. Mainly surrounding the hills and close to the lava of the Volcano. The regions rich with metal nodes mostly have other materials like Obsidian, Crystal, and Flint. You need to have Stone Pick to break and collect Metal from these Metal nodes. If you are not sure about how to recognize Metal nodes, then look for the rocks that have visible metal ores in them. As you can see in the picture above. And though they can be obtained from tons of locations, here are some of the best coordinates to mine them.

  • Latitude 23.7 and Longitude 11.3
  • Latitude 42.7 and Longitude 37.5
  • Latitude 67 and Longitude 62
  • Latitude 80 and Longitude 43.7
  • Latitude 86.1 and Longitude 66.3

Some of these places have dangerous creatures, so if you are a beginner start with the locations with weak ones. Once you have obtained sufficient Metal for Metal Hatchet and Metal Pick, craft them and proceed to difficult locations.

How to Get Metal Ingots in ASA

Metal Ingots are refined from the Metals using Refining Forge. Two pieces of Metal when refined give one Metal Ingots. You can craft a Refining Forge with some Hide, Flint, Stone, Wood, and Fiber.

With this, you can collect and use Metal & Metal Ingots in Ark Survival Ascended. ASA is full of wonders, so if you have become part of it, our ASA guides will be of use to you. We have given ways to obtain materials like Chitin, and also a console commands list to make exploration easier.