Ark Survival Ascended Console Commands List

Here’s a complete list of Console Commands for Ark: Survival Ascended that will grant you some Admin Controls in-game.

Console Commands are no longer an alien concept in RPGs as almost every game has this feature. It’s just the developer’s way of granting players some sort of admin control over a game. Studio Wildcard has added this feature in their latest project, Ark: Survival Ascended and fans are already searching for it.

In this guide below, we have added a complete list of Ark Survival Ascended console commands (also known as Admin commands). But before that, I suggest you get familiar with the controls for opening the Console window.

How to Open Console in Ark: Survival Ascended (ASA)

First things first, ensure that you have enabled this feature from the Settings. If you are not sure how to do that, then simply follow these steps:

  • Head over to Settings > Advanced tab.
How to Open Console UI in Ark: Survival Ascended
  • From there, toggle On the Console Access, and don’t forget to click on Save.

You can now use the following buttons on your PC, PS5, or Xbox X/S to open the Console UI in ASA:

  • PC Controls: Tilde Key (~)
  • PS5 Controls: R1 + L1 + Square + Triangle
  • Xbox Series X/S Controls: RB + LB + X + Y

Ark Survival Ascended Console Commands

Console CommandsEffects
Addexperience (value)Gain specified amount of XP for your character
Changesize (value)Change your size (default size: 1)
DotameTame the creature you are looking at
EnemyinvisibleEnemies won’t attack or react to you (as if you are invisible)
FlyGet the ability to fly
GhostYou can pass through objects
GiveengramsUnlock all crafting recipes 
GiveresourcesGet x50 of every in-game resource
Givearmorset (tier) (quality)Get an armor of the specified tier and quality 
GivecreativemodeEnter Creative Mode 
GivecreativemodetotargetYou will enter Creative Mode for the player you are looking at 
Givecreativemodetoplayer (playerid)You will enter Creative Mode for the player you have mentioned
GivecolorsGet all dye colors
Givedinoset (tier) (quantity)A saddled Dinosaur of the mention tier and quality will spawn 
GiveengramstekonlyGet all Tek Engrams 
Giveitem (itemnum) (quantity) (quality) (forceblueprint)Get the specified item 
Giveitemnumtoplayer (playerID) (itemnum) (quantity) (quality) (forceblueprint)Provide specified item to the mentioned player
Giveitemset (tier)Get the specified item 
Giveitemtoplayer (playerID) (blueprintpath) (quantity) (quality) (forceblueprint)Provide specified item to the mentioned player with given inputs
Gmsummon (type) (level)Specified creature is spawned and is already tamed 
InfinitestatsGet infinite food, water, oxygen, and stamina
LeavemealoneYou will become invincible 
Setcheatplayer falseDisable cheat
Setcheatplayer trueEnable cheat
Settimeofday xx:xxChange in-game timings
Summon (type)Spawn a creature
Summontamed (type)Spawn the specified creature
TeleportTeleport your character forward to the direction you are facing 
TeleportplayerIDtome (playerid)Teleports the specified player to your location 
Teleportplayernametome (playername)Teleports the specified player to your location 
ToggleinfiniteammoGet infinite ammo (enter this Console Command again to disable)
TPcoords (lat) (lon) (altitude)Teleport your character to the mentioned coordiantes 
WalkDisables flying 

Do not add brackets as shown above while entering the Console Commands. We have added brackets just for a better understanding.

That’s all there is to know about the Console Commands and how to use them in Ark Survival Ascended. Aside from this, if you are having any other doubts then I recommend you head over to our dedicated section for Ark Survival Ascended Guides. We have stacked up plenty of helpful content for you there.