How To Get Obsidian On The Island In Ark Survival Ascended

Can’t find the Obsidian on The Island? Here are all the locations to mine Obsidian in Ark Survival Ascended.

Want to collect Obsidian in Ark Survival Ascended, but not sure where you can find some. Obsidian is spread all across the maps of The Island. But you can’t obtain them with stone equipment, you need a particular type of equipment to get them. Luckily, some of them aren’t far from the best base locations, so you can mine them, whenever you need to craft modern tech and items like Camera and Polymer. Plus, apart from the Obsidian, most locations have other materials like Crystal and Metal.

As you advance, the need for the resource will increase and you’ll find yourself short on it now and then. So it is best to explore and pin locations of the resources, we have given below, to find them whenever you need. Bookmarking this guide Ctrl+D is also recommended, as you can come back any time and follow the coordinates to find Obsidian.

ASA Ark Survival Ascended Obsidian Locations

ASA Ark Survival Ascended Obsidian Locations
Image Credit: Lucky Shot on YouTube

As we have said before, the Obsidian can’t be mined using stone equipment. So what you have to use is Metal Pick. Metal Pick is made from Hide, Wood, and Metal Ingot. Once you have collected the items, craft Metal Pick and mine to get Obsidian in these The Island locations.

  • Latitude 42.61 and Longitude 37.51: It’s a volcanic range that is rich in resources. Obsidian is found in the ranges as well as in some of the areas surrounding it.
  • Latitude 56.15 and Longitude 49.10: The area is in the center of the map, and Obsidian can be mined from all around these hilly ranges. The ranges can be used to collect other resources like Crystal and Metal.
  • Latitude 34.36 and Longitude 82.98: It is another hilly region, where you stumble on the rocks that give Obsidian.
  • Latitude 22.25 and Longitude 15.02: It is an icy region, and Obsidian can be found all over the western part of it.

These were all the locations where you can get Obsidian on The Island in Ark Survival Ascended. If you are looking for more interesting and useful guides like these, you should check our Ark Survival Ascended guides. We have covered topics like graphics settings and how to create dedicated servers for a better experience.